10 Incredible Luxury Garden Rooms for Your Home

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Now that spring is here everyone is thinking and planning ways to spice up their garden. Why not do that by constructing a garden room that’s sure to add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space?

But before that, let’s find out what exactly a garden rooms is.

What is a Garden Room?

A garden room is a structure that could either be connected to your house or be a stand-alone building in your garden. It can be a room where you can relax and be surrounded by nature.

Your garden room can be whatever you want it to be. You can either make it as a wooden garden house where you chill mostly, or make it as a room for your gym, yoga studio, or simply a space for growing your plants. Garden rooms are also used by many people as an office, spa, guest room, etc.

Imagine a private and quiet room with dim lights giving you a cosy ambiance. All you have to do is grab a book, a cup of coffee and enjoy the fresh air, straight from your garden.

In this write-up, we have put together different types of garden rooms you can add to your home. Be it a vibrant pod, a luxurious relaxation spot, or a minimalist office, garden rooms come in different forms and sizes so there will be a lot of choice for you to pick from.

Without further ado, let’s delve right in and find out which garden room design is best suited for your home.

  1. Install a Mini Garden Room Fitted in a Corner

You can always opt for a small garden room to be hidden away in the corner of your garden. This is an excellent idea to use the space you have available. Minimalist designs are very popular in these days where people prefer to see no clutter; your small garden room can also be used to hide the mower and other gardening equipment.

You can add glass panes from the floor to the ceiling in your garden room; this will give you a wonderfully light and airy room with great views of your garden.

  1. Go for a Contemporary Garden Pod

This contemporary design is among the most popular of garden room styles, although the name suggests a round shape, the garden pod is actually available in a variety of forms, although they are usually of a compact size. You may also need to keep an eye on the grasses in the area around the garden pod, as they tend to grow quickly and require trimming. You could make use of lawn care services to help you for the same.

  1. Make a Contemporary Shepherd’s Hut

Shepherd’s huts have soared in popularity since the lockdown, with many being used as a garden room office with a difference! They are available as a flat pack that you can construct yourself, an “off the shelf” design or a completely bespoke version that is designed to your own specifications and built for you. Modern shepherd’s huts are as well insulated and fitted out as any other kind of contemporary garden room.

  1. Build an Elegant Glass Garden Studio

Glass garden rooms are stylish and look very sophisticated because of the glass panes installed from the floor to the ceiling; this type of garden room is flooded with natural light during the day, which makes it perfect for an artist’s studio. Under floor heating is recommended to keep this room warm during the winter months and you will need to install blinds and air conditioning for the heat of the summer.

  1. Opt For an Adaptable and Eye-Catching Garden Office

Your garden room does not have to be a simple square box with a door and a window; it can be any shape and size you like, with all the unique features that you wish to include. Many people prefer their garden office to blend in with the natural surroundings of their garden, whilst others prefer to paint their garden room in bright colours; the choice is yours – unless you live in an area where restrictions apply of course.

  1. Set up a Practical Garden Work Area

Garden rooms or offices require sufficient space to store furniture, office necessities and storage, as well as meeting areas, etc. For this reason you may wish to investigate whether a garden room or office with an attached storage area would be suitable for your needs, this kind of structure would also be useful for storing gardening equipment.

  1. Make a Sustainable Garden Room Surrounded by Nature

It is always advisable to opt for garden rooms that are constructed using sustainable materials, buying from a local supplier is also preferable, this minimises the impact on the environment. Using eco materials, solar heating and even a living sedum roof will all help to protect our planet whilst still allowing us to own our own room in the garden.

  1. Pick a Sliding Door Garden Room

This type of modern garden room really does have a luxurious feel, the sliding floor to ceiling doors, also known as bi-folding doors, give a truly sophisticated touch and blend the interior and exterior beautifully when they are folded open.

  1. Choose a Contemporary Garden Room

Camouflaging your garden room by painting it in the colours found in your garden, such as shades of green or brown, is always an option. What this does is make your garden building look unobtrusive as the room naturally blends in with the background. If you are going for a nature inspired garden room, this is the perfect design for you, adding plants inside and around the exterior of your garden room will all help to give it a natural appearance.

  1. Rustic log cabin Garden Room

A log cabin may look basic and rustic on the outside but it can be as luxurious as you would wish inside, imagine how surprised your family and friends would be when they stepped inside! Your large double glazed windows could be hidden away behind external shutters or other Window Coverings, and the internal walls could be clad with plasterboard and painted in contemporary colours. A sleek, modern, wall hung electric fire or a wood burning stove could add the warmth needed on chilly days and colourful rugs would soften and brighten the wooden floors. Add some spot lighting and a few framed pictures and you have a wonderful, luxurious rustic garden room for everyone to enjoy.


Well, there you have it – some of the best designs you can choose from if you plan to add a garden room to your property. Now all you have to do is decide which one caters to your requirements.