10 sofa options to consider for your home

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Which sofa is the perfect blend of comfort and style for your home?

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect sofa style for your home. The sofa is the most important piece of furniture in any living room, so making the right decision is absolutely vital to the look and feel of your home décor. So here are the ten main sofa styles you have to choose from.

Daybed sofa

This multi-use option is a sofa by day and a bed by night, making it a great option for homes without the space for a guest room. Place your daybed against the wall and decorate with plenty of thick cushions and perhaps a throw. Although great for extra seating, a daybed may not be sufficient as your home’s main sofa.

Chaise sofa

The term chaise derives from ‘chaise longue’, which means long chair — and this is a fairly accurate description! Often now called a chaise lounge, a chaise is a longer upholstered seat for one which has been specifically designed for reclining. Chaise seating can be versatile, as they may have one, two or no arms.

English roll arm sofa

The English roll arm is one of the most popular sofa options for a number of reasons, most obviously that it’s extremely comfortable. The average depth of 42 inches makes it all too easy to sink into these sofas. It’s also a classic which never goes out of style and fits in with a range of other styles. Even the famous Central Perk sofa on ‘Friends’ was an English roll arm.

Tuxedo sofa

The clean, geometric look of tuxedo sofas makes them an instant classic. Having been made famous by interior designer Billy Baldwin, the tuxedo sofa is known for its distinctive rectangular shape, as the arms of the chair are almost always the same height as the back.

Camelback sofa

For traditional styling, the camelback is a stellar choice. This sofa style has been accurately named for its raised (or humped) back, which comes in a variety of styles featuring one hump, two humps or just a subtle raise. The camelback sofa is certain to bring a level of elegance to your living room.

Cabriole sofa

The cabriole sofa is characterised by an exposed carved wooden frame, equally-sized back and arms, distinctive curved arms and no separate back cushions. Put together, the final product is reminiscent of 19th century royalty.

Chesterfield sofa

The chesterfield sofa brings both decadence and homeliness to any home with its leather upholstery. The easiest way to discern a chesterfield sofa is to check for the deep button tufting on the back, making it very distinct. The arms are rolled and tend to be the same height as the back.

Settee sofa

The settee – known for its straight back and comfortable space for two – is also known as the love seat. This can be a great choice when choosing a second sofa for your living room or even a bedroom chair to enhance a romantic vibe.

Mid-Century sofa

The mid-century sofa is an extremely popular sofa option, and it isn’t hard to see why. These sofas are characterised by a clean rectangular shape and solid wooden legs, made of durable contemporary materials and upholstered in a single colour.

Vintage sofa

All right, so ‘vintage’ is a bit of an umbrella term, but it incorporates so many stunning sofa styles which we didn’t want to miss out. Vintage furniture is by nature extremely unique, meaning no other home will have the same sofa as you. They are also durable and attractive, so be sure to shop around online stores like Vinterior.