17 Ways You Can Organize Baby Clothes

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Once that baby comes, one of the first things you will realize is that the closet space in your baby’s nursery will quickly shrink. Not only will it shrink due to the fact that it will be filling up fast with baby homecoming outfits, but there will be other baby accessories filling up space as well. However, there is no need to worry about not having enough room to place your baby’s clothes, soothers, diapers, blankets, creams, and toys. That is because you have the ability to tap into your creativity when it comes to creating extra space and storage ideas to hold your baby’s items. However, if you are at a loss with that, don’t fear. That is because you are about to learn about the 17 innovative ways to organize your baby’s clothes:

1. Incorporate Another Rail For The Closet

This tip is easy to do. All you need to do is go to a home store and get an extra closet rail and stick it into the baby’s closet, and there is another rail to hang up the baby’s clothing.

2. Closet Dividers Are A Saving Grace

You are going to get plenty of clothing for the baby that are of different sizes after the birth, and these dividers will be able to help you separate the clothing by size. You can also separate the clothing by color and style if you like. But these dividers are going to be of good use to you.

3. Get Some Extra Clothespins

Clip hangers are costly, and clothespins that serve the same function are affordable. That is why it is a good idea to stock up on those when it comes to keeping two-piece outfits together.

4. Create A Rack For Baskets That Hang

You can get a rack from any home store and you can get some baskets to place your baby’s clothes or other items so it uses up space in a smarter way!

5. Track-Based Storage System Inside Of The Doors

If you don’t want to use up much wall space in the closet because of the worry that space could get used up, you can always utilize a track-based storage system inside of the door which is vertical. The combination of baskets and shelving can be placed inside and this is a great way to keep the baby’s clothing and items organized.

6. Add A Shoe Organizer On The Door

You don’t like the idea of the track-based storage system in the closet door because it takes some time to build it in? Then there is another idea you may like better which is the shoe organizer instead. There is no installation as it simply hangs, and you can add clothing into it.

7. Add Shelving To The Wall Of The Nursery If There Is No Additional Closet Space

If there is not a lot of closet space, to begin with, then you will need to utilize the space that is in the nursery. This means to add some shelving to the walls in the nursery to place baskets or containers with the baby’s clothing.

8. Use The Closet Rail To Hang Shoes

If you find that the baby shoes are taking up too much closet space, then you can hang them up instead. You will need to get a suspension rod to put into your closet and get some curtain rings in order to use for hanging the shoes.

9. A Chalkboard Dresser Is A Great Way To Organize The Baby’s Clothing

If you don’t have a lot of closet space and you want to invest in a dresser instead, then that is a great idea. You can get a chalkboard dresser to use to write down what type of baby clothes are in the drawers. One drawer can be used for shirts, the other can be used for pants, and the other can be used for pajamas, and so on.

10. Make Some DIY Drawer Dividers

Are the spaces in your baby’s drawers getting limited? Then you can create some drawer dividers to place two types of clothing into one drawer which can help save some space as well.

11. Get A Trolley

You can get a trolley cart to place your baby’s belongings if you don’t want to keep reaching to the closet while changing the baby. Or you can use one if you are co-sleeping, or changing the baby in another room. This way, you can place the clothing that will be used for the particular day and organize it the day before which not only helps save with space but it helps you save your energy too without having to go to the nursery all of the time. Don’t forget to add diapers, wipes, and cream as well.

12. Add Rails To The Nursery Walls

If you don’t want to put an extra rail in the closet because there isn’t enough space, you can always add a rail in the smaller area of the room to hook it up. This will save a lot of space if you don’t mind the appearance.

13. Get Some Hooks And Mount Them Onto The Wall

You can always get some wall hooks and hooks to put on baskets or plush bags to place the clothing in. It is a stylish way, as well to organize your infant boy or baby girl clothes.

14. Create A Storage Box

You can always use storage boxes to put your baby’s clothing into and you can style it any way you choose! Because why have it plain looking in your baby’s nursery?

15. Put 2 Bins Into The Closet If There Is Room

The  2 bins in the closet are not meant for the clothes that are being currently used. They are meant for the clothes that are, 1, outgrown and 2, are dirty laundry. This way, when your baby outgrows some clothing, it can be thrown into the first bin. And when there is clothing that is dirty, it can be thrown into the second bin. It is also a time-saver.

16. Get Some Baskets To Use For Socks

This one is easy because socks tend to take up a lot of space in drawers. And you will want that drawer space for other clothing. Get some baskets from a dollar store and put the socks into it and keep it in the corner of the nursery.

17. Make Use Of The Space Underneath The Crib

You have extra space in the nursery that you had probably forgotten about. That is the space under the baby’s crib. You can get some bins to put under it and put clothing, pajamas, or anything else into those bins to help save space.

With these 17 hacks on how to organize your baby’s clothes, you will never have a problem with running out of space in the nursery or in the closet! And you can always improvise other ways that can help you stay organized as well!