20 space saving home design ideas

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Even a home that’s short on space can be big on style

We all dream of the perfect interior design. In our minds, the ideal interior setting is cosy yet spacious, elegant yet inviting, sleek yet exciting, but unfortunately there are plenty of factors in place which prevent us from realising this dream.

One of the main challenges on the road to stunning interior design is space. For those of us with living space that’s a little on the small side, it can feel impossible to create your ideal setting. But this simply isn’t true. By being smart with your furniture, layout and décor choices, you can easily piece together your dream living space, while increasing the sense of space in your home at the same time.

And we’re here to prove it to you. From pegboards to vintage furniture, here are our top tips for space saving interior design.

Make use of vertical space

If you’re limited when it comes to floorspace, use your wall space as a smart alternative. Things which can be hung on the wall rather than left to stand free should, including items like the television, mirrors, cupboards and cabinets. The will help you save your floorspace for the necessities like seating.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are a great feature in any home, but especially in smaller spaces. Not only do mirrors reflect light, making a space feel bigger and brighter, but their reflective surface also creates the illusion of increased space. Try introducing an attractive mirror as a focal point in your living room or bedroom.

Create a focal point

A central focus brings a sense of order and structure to a space, which will make it feel less cluttered. It’s up to you what your centrepiece will be, though some furniture items are more suited than others. In the living room, a decorative sofa or vintage coffee table works really well.

Be smart with window treatments

Taking your curtains up to the ceiling and down to the floor can help make a room feel higher, and therefore bigger. You should also try not to choose any window treatments that are too bulky, heavy or dark, as this will only take up excess room and make the space feel smaller.

Blend fashion and function with vintage furniture

Vintage furniture is an attractive and practical addition to any space, whether it’s a decadent sofa or an elegant dining room table. Investing in a vintage sideboard can bring luxury into your home while also creating extra storage. Just be sure to start your search at a trusted online marketplace like Vinterior.

Create the illusion of space

There are a few tricks you can use to make a space feel bigger. These include decorating with light neutral colours and reflective materials such as metallics. You should also limit your number of accessories to avoid clutter.

Use wall art to add interest

To save surface and floorspace, create interest with wall art rather than free standing accessories. A bright, colourful piece of wall art can really make a statement in your living space, and will also act as a great focal point to draw the eye. You can then use the colours featured in the piece to inspire the rest of your décor.

Consider furniture placement

Layout is everything when it comes to making the most of space, so really take the time to get it right. Consider how you will likely move through the space and ensure that your path is clear. You should also make sure that any bolder and more colourful furniture items are given enough room to really shine.

Use materials like glass

Like mirrors and metallics, glass is a great material to introduce into a room if you’re struggling to make the most of space. Not only is glass generally quite lightweight and slender, but it also allows light to shine through it, creating the illusion of extra living space.

Organise your wardrobe

An important aspect of trying to make the most of space is simply removing clutter. And the best way to do this? By organising your storage, especially your wardrobe. Making the most of your wardrobe space will allow you to save room elsewhere in your bedroom by keeping shoes, clothes and accessories stored neatly.

Utilise intelligent bathroom storage

Like your wardrobe, well-organised bathroom storage will help you save space elsewhere in the room. Keep your lotions and potions stored neatly in a cabinet or on shelving to maintain a sleek bathroom feel. You should also consider what items you’re happy to have on display and which ones you’d rather keep stored away.

Make nooks and crannies useful again

In a small home, every bit of space is crucial. Cast a critical eye over your living space and look for any corners, nooks and crannies wthat aren’t being put to use. Shelving and a comfy chair creates an instant reading nook, while a leafy houseplant fills the space and brings colour and freshness to the room.

Introduce pegboards

In the kitchen or garage, pegboards can be used to create an abundance of storage for tools and utensils. By hanging commonly used kitchen staples like your spatula, chopping knives and ladles on a pegboard, you’ll save yourself counterspace for cooking and displaying appliances. Likewise, a pegboard in the garage removes the need for bulky toolboxes.

Make use of the back of the door

We rarely think of the back of the door as a place to store items, but it can be a useful spot to put to use if you’re struggling to find space. A simple hook or even a hanging shoe rack can save you space elsewhere.

Under the bed storage

Most of us probably store a few odds and ends under the bed, but why not take this storage to the next level? Fitted drawers will allow you to store chunky items like bedding and towels without using up storage space elsewhere.

Invest in furniture with multiple uses

Save space by buying less furniture, and ensuring that the furniture you do buy can be used in a few different ways. This might be a coffee table that doubles as a storage unit, or a sofa that can be opened up into a guest bed.

Nest tables

Nest tables are a great alternative to a large dining table if you’re short on space. These smart pieces of classic furniture are designed to provide surface space when you need it, and be stacked away when you don’t.

Keep it light in the kitchen

We all want a light, airy kitchen, but this is harder to achieve when the heart of your home is smaller than you’d like. However, a light colour palette and neutral cabinetry will make the most of the light entering the room. Try adding one or two pops of a brighter colour to make the space more exciting.

Maximise kitchen storage

Between crockery, cutlery, pans, utensils and food, the kitchen arguably requires more storage than any other room in the home. Introducing features like deep drawers and high cabinets will allow you to make the most of your kitchen storage and avoid a cluttered, chaotic space.

Increase outdoor space with a vertical garden

Even your outdoor space can benefit from a few space-saving changes. A vertical garden is a great alternative to a traditional garden if you’re short on space, allowing you to still enjoy indulging your green fingers.