3 Kitchen Design Trends for Busy Homes

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where most families spend most of their time. For that reason, you should focus on creating a functional and sociable kitchen space that suits the needs of your family. If you are time poor, you should also consider hiring a cleaner to keep the kitchen clean and safe. Any kitchen renovations should be well researched and planned to help you maximise your available space and boost your livability. With this in mind, here are three kitchen design trends for busy homes:

1. Add a kitchen island

Kitchen islands have become increasingly popular over the years. Installing a kitchen island can instantly add style to your home and maximise the functionality of your kitchen area. A kitchen island can create the ideal multifunctional space and is a common feature in social kitchens. It is also a great space for children to do their homework or other activities while the parents are cooking or doing other household chores in the kitchen. Some other advantages of investing in a kitchen island include additional storage, extra space for cooking, and additional seating where you can socialise with family or friends.

2. Create an open plan layout

Open plan layouts are extremely popular as they encourage family members to socialise and spend more time together. Open plan kitchens tend to be more inviting as they appear bigger and brighter. They also allow parents to keep an eye on their children while they’re preparing food or doing other tasks in the kitchen. Many kitchens can be converted into open plan relatively easily by knocking down a wall separating the kitchen and dining area. This will create one large, flowing living space. At the same time, you may want to consider installing a new kitchen to modernise the space and maximise functionality. Dayrooms Kitchens offer a fantastic selection of custom made kitchens that can be designed to suit your exact needs and requirements.

3. Install kitchen technology

Home technology has advanced rapidly over the years and there is now an extensive selection of gadgets and tools that can transform your kitchen into a smart living space. You can easily add smart devices, motion sensors, and other kitchen gadgets to modernise your kitchen and enhance the functionality of the space.


Smart kitchen technology is designed to add convenience to your home. For instance, a smart refrigerator can help you with your grocery shopping by monitoring food levels in your fridge and alerting you when items are getting low. You can also use a smart refrigerator to monitor expiry dates, get food recipes, and create weekly food schedules. Utilising smart kitchen technology can instantly update your kitchen space and improve the livability of your home.


Updating your kitchen can be a great way to improve your livability and boost your property value if you ever decide to sell. Fortunately, there are countless ways to upgrade your kitchen and add style to your home. Try the above suggestions to create a more functional and enjoyable kitchen space for your family.