3 Things That Will Change After You Have a Baby

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Having a baby is something that will transform your life.  When you decide to take on this new responsibility not only will life forever change as you know it as far as your own self-identity, but your duties and habits will inevitably shift.  As you welcome a new family member into your life, your home will be different and your lifestyle will never be the same.

Change is something that should be embraced as you take on this new journey into the unknown.  Make sure that you remember there is no need to be afraid of the new things that come your way.  Life is an adventure and becoming a new parent, guiding a little one by the hand through life may just be your greatest adventure yet.

Here are some of the things you can expect to change once your baby is on the outside.

Your Expenses Will Increase

It is important to prepare for your finances to increase.  Initially you will have to buy things like car seats, strollers, cribs, clothes, diapers, and whatever other little tools you will need to make the job easier.  

You will also need to pay for doctor visits and unexpected expenses along the way that will be required for your baby’s well-being.  This doesn’t have to be anything that makes you panic.  You may find that your expenses are greater, but the return is worth it.  There is nothing quite like a little miracle in your arms that depends on you for love.

You Will Sleep Less

It’s no secret that babies sleep in intervals rather than long stretches of sleep like adults.  In the beginning of their lives, you will find that they don’t sleep longer than 3 to 4 hours long stretches.  You may be exhausted in the middle of the night during their frequent wakings but this is just part of the territory of being a new parent.

Try to take shifts with your partner and remind yourself constantly that this too will pass. Nothing lasts forever, particularly baby’s sleep patterns.  One day all of these sleepless nights will be nothing but a memory/

Your Housework Will Increase

Babies create messes and extra laundry.  If you thought that you had a lot to do now, you will have even more once your little cute baby shows up on the scene.  Think poop, puke, crawling around on the ground, and whatever else decides to stain itself on their clothes.

Once they start eating solids you will have more dishes to clean as well.  This doesn’t have to be seen as something negative.  It is simply something to prepare yourself for rather than being surprised later at how your workload has increased.