3 Tips for Buying Clothes for Newborns

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Whether you’re shopping for your own newborn or selecting a gift for the baby of a family member, friend or coworker, clothing is probably at the top of your list. But all baby clothing isn’t created equal. If you’re wondering where to begin when it comes to buying the best clothes for babies, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for a roundup of three tips to keep in mind when shopping for clothes for an infant.

1. Comfort is key

Baby skin is delicate and sensitive. One of the best ways to protect every precious inch of the little one in your life? Invest in baby clothes and accessories that keep comfort at the forefront.

This all starts with the fabric. Cotton is the “gold standard” material for baby clothes because it is natural, super-soft and breathable. The attributes can help keep your baby cosy while preventing overheating and irritation. On that note, seek out high-quality baby clothing with finished seams and avoid scratchy tags to minimise irritation.

Other comfort-forward features in baby clothing? Stay away from metal snaps whenever possible as it is a common allergen – plus, zippers can also catch and pinch a baby’s skin. While buttons and trim are unique and charming touches, this is yet another case where quality counts. The only thing more important than comfort is safety, and poorly sewn-on buttons on low-quality children’s clothes can detach, end up in a baby’s mouth or nose and quickly become a choking hazard. Conversely, high-quality baby clothing is better made and therefore less likely to break down or fall apart.

Speaking of safety, in addition to prioritising comfort when shopping for pyjamas for a newborn, be sure to seek out flame-resistant fabrics, as well.

2. Ease is everything

New parents have a lot of things on their minds. So when you buy a gift for a newborn, it’s also an opportunity to help make a new parent’s life a little less stressful. Fuss-free clothing is a great place to start. Clothing that goes on and off easily is certain to be appreciated — especially during those bleary-eyed, early-morning and late-night changes. Elastic pants, snaps at the neck and crotch, wide head openings and other features make quick changes a breeze.

On a similar note, babies grow up fast. One of the best ways to make life easier for parents? Make sure they’ve got an assortment of clothing in various sizes at the ready. Newborn and 0-3 month clothing is unbelievably cute, which is just one of the reasons so many gift-givers gravitate to it when shopping for baby gifts. Stocking up on larger sizes — or helping parents stock up — is both thoughtful and practical.

You can also help parents be prepared by shopping for layette items. “Layette” simply refers to the collection of clothes and basic supplies newborns need. The typical layette may include 4-8 onesies or bodysuits, 4-8 undershirts, 4-8 one-piece pyjamas, 2 blanket sleepers (for babies born in the winter), 1-3 sweaters or jackets, a bunting bag or fleece suit (for babies born in the winter), 1-3 rompers or other special occasion outfits, 4-7 pairs of socks or booties, 1-3 hats (including broad-brimmed summer hats as well as soft winter caps), mittens and a swimsuit (for babies born in the summer.) This is also an opportunity to buy in larger sizes for later seasons. Looking to put together a comprehensive layette? Gentle laundry detergent is a mindful touch.

3. Washable means wearable

While many wonderful words can be used to describe a newborn, “mess-free” is not one of them. In fact, life with a newborn can be downright messy. As any present or former parent can tell you, laundry quickly piles up when you’ve got a newborn in the house. This is why choosing clothing that can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer is so important.

It’s also another reason why cotton is an excellent choice for baby clothing. Not only is cotton one of the most comfortable fabrics, but it holds up to lots of wear and tear while also washing beautifully.

If you are shopping for your own baby, here’s one last thing to keep in mind when it comes to new baby clothing. Because babies have such sensitive skin, unwashed new clothing can cause minor rashes and skin irritation. While you may be in a rush to see how your baby looks in that adorable new onesie, dress or bubble, be sure to launder all new clothing before dressing your baby in it. Serious reactions are unlikely, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when caring for a newborn.

One of the best things about shopping for clothing for a newborn or infant? It’s fun! Today’s high-quality baby clothing brands offer newborn and kids’ clothing in classic and trendy styles, happy hues and whimsical patterns and prints. In addition to finding comfortable and practical clothing that adheres to the three tips offered here, you’re certain to find many lovable looks guaranteed to please even the pickiest parents.