3 Tips For Helping Your Kids Prepare For A New School Year

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Whether it’s your child’s first year going to school or it’s just the beginning of another school year along the road to graduation, it’s important to help your child feel prepared for the upcoming year in any way you can. While some kids easily adjust to change and new environments, many children struggle getting their bearings and becoming comfortable in a different place. So to help your child have the best chance of reaching academic success this year, here are three tips for helping your kids prepare for the new school year.

Try To Get Familiar With The Grounds

Especially if your child will be attending school in a different building than in previous years, you should try to get to the school before the first day and see if you can tour the grounds. While this won’t always be possible, letting your child see the buildings and play areas prior to coming on the first day will help him or her feel much more comfortable once school starts. AhaParenting.com shares that some of the best areas to check out with your child before school starts are their classroom, the bathroom, the library, lunch area, and the office. By knowing where these places are and getting a feel for them early, your child should feel safer and more comfortable in this new environment.

Go Back-To-School Shopping

For each new school year, your child will likely need some new school supplies to use throughout the year. Not only are getting these items important for their academic success, but you can also use school shopping as a way to get your child excited about going back to school. Amie Duncan, a contributor to CincinnatiChildrens.org, shares that by letting your kids go back-to-school shopping with you, you can help them pick out supplies they’ll need and clothes or other items that might make them feel more mentally and emotionally prepared for a new year. Try not to limit the items to just school supplies or new shoes; your child might want something like a beauty item or a hair accessory to feel more confident and prepared.

Talk About Safety

Keeping your kids safe is every parent’s number one priority, and gearing up for a new school year is the perfect time to reiterate safety procedures for both your child and your family. HealthyChildren.org shares that your safety talk will vary based on if your child walks to school, takes the bus, carpools with other families, or rides a bike. Make sure to talk to your child about being aware of tricky people and knowing who they’re allowed to leave school with. Depending on your child’s age, you could also talk about cell phone etiquette or how to deal with bullies or other issues.

To help your child be as prepared as possible for the upcoming school year, use the tips mentioned above to guide your own parental preparation.