3 Ways To Stay Comfortable While Expecting

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Having a child is one of the most wonderful miracles on this planet, for any species. We are entrusted with the opportunity to shape a life from the very beginning. There are memories to be made that will last centuries. First words, first steps, and the first day of school are just a few, but we have pregnancy to deal with first.

Overall, being pregnant is an awesome experience. From when you first find out to the first flutters in your tummy, all the way to birth there is nothing quite like it. However, there are many inconveniences along the way. Growing out of our clothes, never ending heartburn, and just getting comfortable sometimes can be a challenge.

Below are some ideas that may help.

Jeans Or A Tent?

Face it. You’re growing a whole other human being. Some of you are growing more than one! It’s inevitable. You are going to outgrow your regular wardrobe. It’s more than ok. If you’re getting bigger, baby is, too, and it’s a great sign baby is healthy.

So, next time you get a chance, take yourself shopping. Not made if money? Don’t worry. That’s the majority of the crowd. Visit the thrift stores or post on social media asking if anyone has maternity clothes to donate. Find things like leggings, shirts, pants, and maybe some larger shoes, as well.

Don’t Feel The Burn

Along the way, you will find all sorts of reasons to indulge and over indulge. The most used excuse, and rightfully so, is eating for two. . . or three. However, we all know the longer you go into your pregnancy, the worst the heartburn gets.

Some ideas that have worked for other moms are things like eating a piece of cheese or drinking a glass of milk. Pickle juice is an old-fashioned remedy or you could just grab a couple of Tums.

Pillows Are Your Friend

One of the most uncomfortable parts of pregnancy is the fact that towards the end, there really just isn’t enough room for the two of you. Sitting becomes work. Turning over in bed is an olympic event. Just getting through your shopping list turns into an attempt at an iron man contest.

In the end, you have to do what works for you, here are some ideas. Pillows are your friend. The more the better. Pillows under your knees, behind your back, or under your belly will help reduce the stress on your back and hopefully allow that precious sleep to find its way to you.

Carrying a child is a beautiful blessing, even if there are clouds along the journey. Follow these tips and you’ll never be without an umbrella.