4 Co-Parenting Tips after Divorce

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Co-parenting after a divorce is never easy. It is not hard to realize that adjustment from a single intact family to different co-parenting homes is likely to be extremely awkward. Therefore, it is recommended to make the transition smooth for both you and the children.

Most divorces are not solved amicably, often a bitter feeling is left, and it scourges deep. Unfortunately, according to research, the quality of your relationship as co-parents after a divorce directly influences your child’s emotional and mental well-being.

So, how do you make it work? How do you ensure children involved have all their needs met? You may want to consult with an experienced Clear Lake divorce lawyer to create a reliable co-parenting plan or schedule.

Well, here are 4 suggested co-parenting tips after a divorce.

Tame Your Temper

All emotions must take a back seat for the sake of your children. It’s not easy – you’ve been hurt.

If mistakes are made, name-calling and criticizing your ex in front of your kids won’t solve anything. A kind word can be a way to solve problems. Some may say if it didn’t work while you were together, why should it work now? And you are right – recognize the small efforts first, and don’t focus on the negative.

Improve on Your Communication

It is conventional wisdom; for co-parenting to work, peaceful coexistence is necessary. The best way to improve communication is to be mindful of your word choices and actions. Yes, sometimes one of you may feel aggrieved, but kindly learn to exercise restrains whenever possible.

Think about these: instead of making statements, make requests, and approach the co-parenting as a team effort as opposed to an antagonistic mindset of trying to score points. Also, do not digress, let the conversation always be regular by kid-focused.

Make Transitions and Visitation Easier

The damage has already been done, don’t make it hurt more by holding a grudge.

Kids moving from one house to another is not easy. All parents need to make such a transition easy by ensuring that they have everything each child will need to be packed accordingly.

Avoid pickups and encourage drop-offs. Let your ex drop off the child after they are done with their program, exercise reciprocity, and ensure that your ex is aware of this rule.

Respect the Law

If it was proposed, you both see a therapist to help improve relations with each other going forward for the sake of the kids, do it. Save the kids from the legal mess by keeping documents away from them – let them live and not worry.

Also, ensure that the terms of divorces, including alimony, child supports, visitation, are respected. Where money is involved, things may get bad once in a while (missed payments); in such scenarios, communicate instead of retaliating.