4 sentimental gifts you can give this Christmas

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In a rather fortunate turn of events, as far as social conventions go, the gift-giving practice has had some sanity restored to it, along with the requisite practicality. It’s becoming less and less about outdoing each other with the person with whom gifts are exchanged, a practice which saw people spending exorbitant amounts of money. Now more than ever, it is indeed about the thought.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make any effort at all though. On the contrary. Instead of picking up one of those last-minute gifts you find at the airport, here are four ideas for Christmas gifts that carry the kind of sentimental value sure to be appreciated for all it’s worth.

Family recipe cookbook

Be professional about the publishing of a family recipe cookbook, which will make for a sentimental Christmas gifts everybody you give it to will truly appreciate. So it won’t have to be a gift for just one person.

Proceed to collect all the family recipes you can gather, roping in the input of any family member or relative who can share any useful information, such as the entire recipe or perhaps something like digging into the archives of their minds to try and help come up with a long-lost recipe which might have gone to the grave with a departed elder.

Multimedia film & photograph set

We take it for granted how we can whip out our phones and capture the memories we make during special occasions such as spending Christmastime with family, but how often do we actually go back to re-live those memories? Take a leaf out of the book of the trending Memories in Colour campaign, which challenges you to bring back some of the oldest memories to life through the colourisation of old, black-and-white photographs. This can be done as part of putting together a multimedia film and photograph set, so you can package it to include some videos in any one of the many formats available, along with physical photo albums.

This a sentimental Christmas gift idea sure to be particularly appreciated by someone who has some black-and-white photos of themselves.

Bespoke special Interest gift

Really take the time to find out about a loved-one’s special interests and get them a bespoke gift experience around that. For example, someone who is interested in astronomy, something ascertained through their constant discussion of topics such as the vastness of the universe, might not ever think about getting themselves as telescope. You should be the one to buy one for them!

Old times’ sake experience

If you shared a special experience with someone close to you, especially when you both belonged to a different age bracket (when you were kids or teenagers) when you first experienced it, there are few Christmas gifts that will beat the revisiting of the same encounter. Do it “for old times’ sake,” and make new memories. Off the top of my head, I want to visit a miniature land a couple of cousins of mine and I were taken to when we were knee-high!