4 Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

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Our home is our sanctuary and where we spend some of the most important time in our life – with our family. It should be a familiar and comfortable place which holds a treasure trove of memories in its walls, but that doesn’t mean that we are content to stick with the same interior décor forever. Eventually, our homes can start to look tired and worn, and this will have an impact on how we feel when we are there, and that’s when it’s time for a refresh. It doesn’t need to cost much to make real differences to our home. Here are 4 simple ideas to refresh your home on a budget.

  1. Freshen the Paintwork

A fresh lick of paint on the walls, doors or even on your kitchen cupboards is a great way to give a home a new lease of life. Choose your paint colours carefully as the shade on the tin or in the store can change when it’s in a different light or painted onto a textured surface. Make sure you try several tester pots at home before settling on a final choice.

Hiring a professional painting and decorating company can be pricey, so many people choose to put in the work themselves. If that sounds like the best option for you, make sure you research the best painting techniques, brushes, and rollers to use so you can get the best possible finish. Repainting an entire house by yourself is a big job, and you’ll need to clear most of your furniture and possessions out of the room, so it’s best to take it one room at a time.

  1. Replace Your Blinds or Curtain Poles

You might be surprised by how much of a difference updating your blinds can make. The windows in your home are an important focal point in each room and have a lot to do with how much natural light we enjoy. Consider changing to a new colour or design, or if you have curtains, you might want to update the poles to something more attractive. Take a look at the range at polesandblinds.com for some inspiration.

  1. Replace Door Handles

Adding a stylish knob or handle to the doors in your home can give even the oldest and plainest doors a bit of character. It only takes a few twists of a screw to change a dull door to something unique and quirky. If you are planning to repaint the doors so they suit the new handles a bit better, make sure you do this first. The new knobs or handles should also be larger than the old so you can cover over any scratches or screw holes.

  1. Upgrade the Lighting

The lighting in your home is key both in terms of how your home appears visually (larger and airier) and for your quality of life. The level of lighting in a room can lift or lower our mood, affect our sleep and even our brain power. A single light can be a focal point while several smaller lights can draw the eye around the room and create the illusion of space. Click here to find out how to pick the best lightbulb for each room in your home.