4 Tips for Hosting a Great Playdate

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Category: Parenting Tips

All children develop in their own time, but there are some things that you can do as a parent to ensure that they get the best start in life in terms of meeting their physical, mental and emotional needs. Socialisation is one of the most vital components for raising a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted child who will be able to interact confidently with their peers as they grow older. One of the best ways for you to ensure that your children get the opportunity to socialise with others their own age is to host a play date. Plus, not only will it give your children the opportunity to make friends, it will also enable you to have some time to speak to other parents and relax while still spending time with your children. So, if you’re interested in hosting your own playdate at home, here are four tips to help you to get organised.

Check for special requirements

Even though you will be aware of your own children’s requirements, it might not be immediately obvious if the other children will have any special needs that need to be met while at your house. Therefore, it is important to check with all parents in advance, to be sure that you can do everything you can to make the playdate accessible for everyone. For example, if one of the children had a nut allergy, you could consider hiring a one off cleaning agency to make sure that the house is thoroughly cleaned and as safe as possible for the little one.

Limit the number of guests

While the parents of the children might all be staying to help keep an eye on their kids during the playdate, having a lot of children in once place is still a difficult task to manage. Therefore, it is important that you keep the numbers as manageable as possible, especially if it’s your first time hosting. For example, you might start by inviting five families or less over, and if that is successful you could consider inviting more people in the future.

Ask people to contribute

Of course, being the perfect host means that you often want to manage everything yourself, but the truth is that no one knows children better than their own parents. This means that the best people to decide on good foods for the children to eat and the best toys for them to play with are the guests themselves. Therefore, you should consider inviting everyone to bring their own dish if you plan on serving food, or to bring some toys of their own to increase the entertainment options at your disposal.

Designate a play area While you want everyone to have fun without being restricted, it is important to consider designating an appropriate play area for the children to play in. Not only with this do you avoid your whole house ending up in disarray, but it also reduces the risk of children getting injured or things getting lost around the house, as you’ll always know the children are in a specific choice of rooms.