4 Tips For Keeping a House Clean With Kids

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When you buy a family house you have picturesque dreams of a white picket fence and Pinterest perfect rooms without a stain in sight.  However, your perfect home quickly starts to become a museum of spaghetti stains, spilled juice, and markers on the walls.

Having kids is no walk in the park, particularly when it comes to picking up after them.  Even though we may have the best of intentions to keep things clean, sometimes we just can’t keep up.  In order to keep a house clean when you have kids, you should try the following tips.

Take Shoes Off At The Front Door

One of the biggest reasons that your floors get dirty is because of people wearing their shoes inside.  Although adults may wipe their feet at the front door, kids are less inclined to make sure that they don’t step on your carpets and floors with mud on their shoes.

Therefore the best way to avoid stains and bacteria building up on your floor is to create a no shoes rule inside the house.  It may be a bit complicated to enforce in initially while everyone gets used to the new rule, however, you’ll find that after a few days it will become a habit for everyone.  You won’t need to vacuum and mop as much and you’ll be happy with your house’s overall appearance over time.

Don’t Encourage Moving Around While Eating

When kids are allowed to wander into various rooms while eating or walk while eating things which are easily spilled, you are setting yourself up for stains and messes.

Enforcing a rule that no one is allowed to eat and drink outside of the designated areas is the best way to make sure that no one is going to make a big mess.  One extra perk for this rule is that your kids will learn tables manners.

Arts And Crafts In Designated Areas Only

Paint spills and marker stains on your sheets or on the walls are no fun.  One way to minimize this risk is to make sure that you never allow your kids to do their arts and crafts outside of art areas like the kitchen or outside.

Enforcing this rule makes art time more fun for your kids given that they have less stress about making you angry, and you also have less to worry about when it comes to clean-ups.

Go For Grey Carpets And Furniture

At the end of the day, one of the smartest and most fool-proof solutions is to buy furniture that is grey, making any stains blend in and camouflage into itself.

Just forget about lightly colored anything, since cream colored or white is a recipe for disaster with kids.