4 Tips for Organizing Your Home

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Cleaning your house is one thing, but organizing it is completely different. We all have a routine when it comes to home maintenance and that’s OK. However, you might want to consider organizing your house from time to time. It is in our nature to collect things and, over time, we’ll find ourselves buried in random papers, figurines, clothes etc. We should be able to toss some of these away and find a suitable place for others. This is not easy, especially the first time, but as soon as everything in your house gets their own place, it will be much easier for you to clean and organize in the future.


The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the unnecessary things that are taking up all your space and have no use. Whether you throw them in the trash or give away, you need to eliminate them from your home. Choosing what to keep and what to toss can be difficult. The main question you should be asking yourself during the process is “Do I really need this and am I ever going to use it again?”. Try and stay objective. If you decide to donate your things, think about how someone will be happy to receive something that has been lying around in your house and was almost never used. However, if you are too attached to your things, consider renting some storage space. There are very popular and safe storage spaces in Sydney that offer great service.

Use all your space

You got rid of all the extra stuff in your house and it’s still a mess? Don’t worry, all you need to do is find a spot for every single thing. It sounds a bit overwhelming, you must be wondering where on Earth can these things go when there’s not enough space. There’s always space if you know how to use what you’ve been given. For instance, try attaching a pegboard to your kitchen wall and keep all utensils you use every day in your kitchen. It’s a space saver and it’s even more practical than pulling these out from drawers or a cabinet. You can enhance space inside your drawers and cabinets by putting dividers and attaching pockets to cabinet doors where you can put recipes, spices etc. You can stick these pockets to doors and walls in your office or living room, too.


When you live alone, it’s easy to organize. However, when it’s your whole family, the job becomes much harder. Other family members may not take this seriously or will want to move things without putting them back where they belong. So, make sure to include them in the process and teach them to respect the new arrangement. For example, every family member can choose their favorite color and have all their things marked with this color, – toothbrushes, towels, slippers, pajamas. It will be easier for all of you to function when you can recognize your things easily.

Take your time

Keep in mind that this is a huge process and it needs time. Give yourself two weeks to do this, or however long you need. Your motivation won’t be the same throughout the process, but the important thing is not to give up until everything is finished.

Organizing a home can be very challenging, but also rewarding. Once you manage to do this properly, you’ll see how good it will feel and how easy it will be for you to clean your house and find your things in the future.