4 Tips For Parents of Hyperactive Children

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As a parent, it can be exhausting running around after your children all day.  When you find yourself with a child who is particularly hyperactive you may find yourself especially challenged about how to keep them busy.

It’s important to remember that some of the most interesting and intelligent people in the world are hyperactive, and it may just be a symptom of boredom.  In order to keep you hyperactive child or children engaged, try the following tips.

Stay Patient

Even though hyper children may be hard to stay patient with, it’s important to remember that they’re just being children.  Depending on how old they are, they may not have the tools yet to be able to calm themselves down completely.

It may be challenging when you’ve got things on your mind like paying your mortgage, meeting work deadlines, or other life stressors, however, you being stressed out will only encourage them to react negatively in return.

Therefore, it’s your job as a parent to try to encourage them to be calm and teach them the tools to do so.  Try to do whatever it takes to keep yourself in a patient state of mind.  Whether this means stepping away for 5 minutes, taking deep breaths, or simply doing some meditation techniques.

Try to find whatever tools you can to avoid letting yourself get to an angry place. You’ll find that your child responds much better from a place of love and understanding rather than a place of anger or desperation.

Limit Screen Time

Studies show that when kids are exposed to too much screen time, they have a harder time being able to focus.  When they have too much stimulation coming at them then they may find it difficult to pay attention to something for longer than a few minutes.

Additionally, too much screen time can keep them awake late at night since their brains are too stimulated from all of the light and sound.

Try to limit their screen time on a daily basis and encourage them playing with toys or using their imaginations during creative play.

Encourage Physical Activity

One of the best ways to get an active child to expel their energy is to allow them to burn off steam.  Consider taking them to the park and kicking a ball around.  Or taking them to an indoor park if the weather isn’t best for being outdoors.

If you encourage them to follow their active nature rather than hold it back, you’ll find that not only are they much happier but so are you as a result.

Make Sure They Have Plenty Of Sleep

It may seem counterintuitive, however, an overtired child will actually act more hyperactive.  When they are overstimulated and lacking sleep, they can start acting maniacal and lack focus.

Therefore, ensure that your child gets the proper amount of sleep recommended for their age.