4 Useful Bathroom Storage Tips from the Experts

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Bathrooms are notorious for gathering clutter. We keep so many loose items in there, it’s easy to accidentally create something that looks like the toiletries aisle in a supermarket. Here are some ways to corral the bottles and jars, towels and tissues and create a neat, tidy space that’s worthy of a home spa.

Hang It Up 

Bathroom walls offer acres of space for storage. As well as the usual bathroom cabinet that may hold medicines and toothbrushes, consider a few shelves or shelving units. You can buy wall cabinets with both cupboard space and shelves, and they are available in various designs from modern to antique-looking. Decant shower gels and shampoos into prettier containers and they look lovely arranged on the shelves instead of perched on the side of the bath.

Shelves are also handy for towel storage, but try rolling towels instead of folding them. Not only do they look attractive, they’re easier to grab than if they’re stacked on top of each other.

Ornate or decorative hooks in strategic places make the bathroom a more comfortable place, from somewhere to hang a bathrobe while you’re showering to hooks inside the shower area for washcloths or even a waterproof radio. 

Cabinets and Baskets 

You don’t need vast areas of space to fit in a cabinet or two. You can, for instance, achieve a look similar to a vanity unit by installing a shaped cabinet (specific to the area) beneath an existing pedestal sink.

As an alternative to small medicine cabinets, taller wall mounted units offer a practical solution in small bathrooms. If you don’t have space for cabinets of any size, create bespoke storage space by placing decorative baskets on shelves. These can hold all kinds of bathroom supplies from spare toilet rolls to the kid’s bath toys.

Make the Most of Difficult Spaces 

Bathrooms tend to have awkward corners that are difficult to work with. Look for  larger, flat spaces where you can incorporate storage instead. Some ideas include:

  • A shelf under the sink. You may not have room for a cabinet, but a fitted shelf needn’t be wider than the sink itself while still providing a handy storage area.
  • Fit rails on the door. Instead of hanging a hook on the bathroom door, install a column of towel rails. As well as holding towels, you can use them to hold clothes while you’re showering.
  • Use the space above the door. This is an area that’s hardly ever used, and is ideal for towel storage. A shelf with decorative side supports will provide a stylish home for spare towels.
  • Borrow ideas from the kitchen. There’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t take storage ideas from one room and use them in another. Spice racks will hold small toiletry items as easily as they’ll hold spice jars, so why not use them in the bathroom, over the bath or beside the sink. 

Rethinking Storage Options 

When you really can’t incorporate enough storage in your bathroom space to house everything you need, it takes a little creative thinking to juggle all the space in your house for maximum efficiency.

Rethinking how you use storage around the house can create more room for the things you need  at hand. For instance, if you’re always short of space for clean towels or bathmats, but use drawers or closets for storage of items you’re not using (such as spare curtains, duvets or blankets), consider storing those things elsewhere. Self storage rooms are a great way to keep seasonal items in good condition when they’re out of use, and you can extend their use to other seasonal items like sports gear or garden machines. You don’t have to rent an entire room if you don’t need it, as there are also storage lockers to rent. But, once you discover how much space you can make at home by storing what you’re not using, it’s easy to upgrade.

Storage in one room of the house has a knock on effect in other rooms. If you’re really struggling to find storage space in the bathroom, have a look how you can rearrange other rooms to create some space.