5 Must See Events in London

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London is an exciting city that attracts over 17 million people annually. If you’ve ever visited the city before or you live there, then you probably understand why! There is something for everyone in the buzzing city, no matter what your interests are. Having said that, if you’re looking for something to do during the festive period or your next visit, you have many options to choose from. There are a vast variety of events from ones that are more relaxing to those that are high-energy. Below, you’re going to find five must-see events you can attend in London.

1.   Circus Show

The circus was born in Britain over 250 years ago, and still it’s an event people find entertaining. If you want to bring out your inner child, then consider going to see a show soon. This is a chance to feel like a child again and experience the excitement of magic tricks, extravagant displays, and gymnastics. The good thing about circus shows is that you can decide to go on your own or with a group of friends. It’s also a child-friendly event, so if you have a family, it would be a great idea for spending time with one another.

2.   Christmas Light Festival

During the Christmas season, there are often several Christmas light festivals that take place around the UK. They consist of dancing lasers, magical gardens, and imaginative light shows. In Cornwall, there’s usually the festival of Light and Sound, while in London, there’s Christmas at Kew Gardens. Similar to this, you could also go to Christmas festivals like Winterville where many of the attractions there are similar to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. You’ll find things like an ice rink, fairground rides, a circus show, and food stalls.

3.   Dinner Cruise

Have you ever been sailing on a boat at night? If the answer is no, this is the perfect event to try as it’s a new experience. A dinner cruise can be so much fun, especially with the right company. It’s a chance to see London at night as well as eat good food and savor every moment. It is an ideal event to go to with friends or a significant other as it can make for a romantic date too.

4.   Musical

For those who love music or drama, a musical can be another fantastic event to try. There are ones that fall into every genre whether it be comedy, drama, or action, so choose one based on your areas of interest. In an average musical, you’re going to experience a reasonable amount of singing and dancing alongside the acting. You could see something like The Lion King which is a classic, for instance, and find yourself greatly entertained.

5.   Fireworks

Seeing as the year is coming to an end, you can expect to see fireworks in the air to celebrate the festive season and the ending of the year. Find a place where you can watch fireworks with your family on Christmas or New Years if you enjoy such displays. Alternatively, you can always watch the London New Year’s Eve fireworks on BBC 1.

Events should be something to look forward to as well as memories to add to your memory book. They’re a way to get the weight of the world off of your shoulders and focus on the joy life brings.