5 Things to Think About Before Planning Your Wedding Day

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Once you’ve found the love of your life and got engaged, the next step is to discuss your big day. Of course, you’ll want everything to run smoothly, and to achieve this, there is plenty of planning and preparation involved. Here are five things to think about before planning your special day.


While many of us dream about having a fairy tale wedding, you need to be serious about what you can realistically afford. Weddings can cost a fortune and plunge thousands of couples into debt, so to stop this from happening to you, it’s time to draw up a budget. Focusing on your finances and putting money aside will help you budget accordingly and ensure your married life gets off to a great start. Make sure you keep communication lines open with your partner throughout, as you’ll need to put your money together to book and execute your dream wedding.


Whether you want to keep things traditional and get wed in a church, or you’re looking at a manor house to host proceedings, you need to take time when seeking out a wedding venue. Understandably, the price range will differ considerably, so you need to factor this in when scouting a venue. What day you have your wedding can also affect the price. If you’re watching the pennies, you’ll find it’s cheaper to get hitched in the week, rather than at the weekend. 


When you walk down the aisle, you’ll have all eyes on you. To ensure you’re looking at faces of delight, rather than horror, picking the right dress is essential. You’ll want to look and feel fabulous in your dress, so once you’ve picked a wedding theme and know your style, this will make it easier to pick the perfect garment. Again, you need to pay attention to your budget, otherwise, you could blow the lot on a dress and have little cash to spend elsewhere! 


Before the big day arrives, you need to have a think about how everyone is going to arrive to your big day (including yourself!). Whether you look into wedding car hire in London, or you’re an adrenaline junkie and want to arrive in a helicopter, the choice is entirely up to you. Once you’ve sorted your own transport, determining how your loved ones will arrive is next. It may be wise to hire a coach that can ferry attendees from the wedding venue to the reception. 

Guest List

Next, it’s time to concentrate on the dreaded guest list. Knowing who and who not to invite to your big day can be difficult. If you want a small affair, you will have to say no to some loved ones. For those wanting an extravagant do, there still may be people you’d rather not rock up to the church! Whatever you do, make sure you send invitations out well in advance so all your family and friends can commit to the date. 

Regardless of how much money you have or the kind of wedding you want, referring to the guide above should provide some clarity on what you need to arrange before the big day.