5 Tips to make Mom Friends

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Meeting new people and making friends can be a pretty exhausting and anxious experience, especially when you’re a new mom and trying to make mom friends. Friends are an integral part of one’s life, someone who you can share your secrets, your problems and your deepest fears without a second thought. When you’re a mom, you ought to have a friend that can experience the things you’re feeling, someone who you can share your experience with as a new mom and someone who can understand

Whenever you’re a new mom or you just moved somewhere and you want new mom friends, the actual process of making new mom friends can be exasperating and nerve-racking. However, we have got you covered.

Following are the 5 best tips that you need to use to make new mom friends:

Putting Yourself Out There

Knowing is half the battle. If you’re on the run to make new mom friends, you have to put yourself out there and be ready to make friends. Trust me when I say you won’t be making a lot of friends playing online slot games in New UK Casinos all day. What you need to do is go out and have a stroll with your little one, maybe to a park, or a coffee shop for that matter.

Moreover, there are a variety of different mom-meetup groups on social media as well, where you can meet up with other moms and discuss your experiences and problems. Infants tend to sleep – a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home all day. Put your little one in a stroller and walk out to the playground and make yourself available to the potential new mom friends in your area.

Try out the Peanut App

If you’re a new mom and desperate to find new mom friends, then you might as well resort to the Peanut App. The peanut app is like a Tinder app, but for parents. It allows people to swipe on people, usually mom-to-be and new moms, and then schedule meetings with multiple moms at the same time. The reviews on this app are pretty great, and it’s a fun way to make some new mom friends.

Make a move

Don’t just stand there and wait for an angel mom to come and be friends with you – be the first one to make a move. If you see someone you like or a potential mom friend that you could unknowingly connect with, you should be the first person to make the move. Start by adorning their little one, and slowly build your way by complimenting her. Bringing extra toys to the playground is a good technique in this scenario, as kids are attracted to toys like bees to honey, and will give you a good chance of making a new mom friend on your way back from the playground.

Utilize your baby nap times

When your baby is sleeping, it is probably the best time for you to arrange a playdate with someone, or have a potential new mom friend come over. You don’t always have to be working errands while your baby is sleeping. What you can do instead is put the sleeping baby in the stroller, and have a stroll through the park. You’ll be surprised how many mom friends you can make this way!

Persistence is key

If you’re on the run to make new mom friends, you have to remain persistent and motivated. You’re not always gonna be making new mom friends on your first tries, and that’s okay. If you fail to do it on the first try, try with 10 – 20 other new potential mom friends as well until you find the one that gives off the same energy as you. It’s better to keep trying for the best rather than stick with an average.