5 Ways to Be A Responsible Dog Owner

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Living with a dog can sometimes seem like a lot of work. Some people are excited at the prospect of getting a dog. However, after a few days the excitement wanes off because of just how much work it takes to get your dog ready for life at home and keep it that way. Such pet owners then stop taking care of their pets. Is that being a responsible dog owner? I think not.

As mums we are used to being caregivers, and dogs at home mean just more caregiving. Luckily, it does not have to be very difficult. Here are 5 stress free ways to be a responsible dog owner without allowing it to take a toll on you or your family:

1. Regularly Wash Your Dog

Dogs can get really smelly with bad odor if they are not washed often. In addition to that, dogs that do not get a good wash occasionally start to develop skin problems as well as poor skin health. When you do not wash your dog, you are basically exposing it to bad health.

However, unlike most of us, dogs just need a good shower every once or twice a week. On average, most dog owners wash their dogs every once in 3 weeks. This is in reference to a dog that stays at home. 

If you notice that your dog sheds lots of hair around your house, it could be the lack of washing using medicated shampoo. Get the best dog shampoo for shedding and use that to wash your dog because such shampoos come with the following advantages:

  • They have nutrients that may be lacking in your dog’s diet and can be ingested through the skin
  • They help with skin allergies and prevent your dog from itching
  • They improve your dog’s skin health helping reduce shedding because hair development and skin health  is more enhanced.

2. Brush Your Dog’s Hair

In addition to washing your dog, brush the dog’s hair in order to get rid of loose hair. Remember, dog’s shed naturally in order to replace old and loose hair with new hair. Therefore, by brushing the dog’s hair you get rid of this falling hair before it comes into contact with your furniture, fabrics, laminate floors, rugs and carpets.

Sometimes, the dog’s hair can create stuffiness in rooms. Also when the dog is not washed, the bad odor can really make your home a stinking place to live in. Some people use a filterless air purifier to get rid of the bad smell as they work on cleaning their dogs more often.

3. Trim Dog’s Nails

As a responsible dog owner, you need to check on your dog’s nails so that they don’t overgrow. Remember, dog nails can cut into your dog’s paws and hurt it when it is walking, running, or standing. 

For you to enjoy those evening dog walks you need your dog to be at its best state. Therefore, trim your dog’s nails and use a no pull dog harness to improve the evening walks for both you and your dog.

4. Keep Potty Clean After Use

When your dog uses the potty, it takes a very short time to get rid of its elements and clean it. It will also get rid of fecal smells in your house. This might need to be done on a daily basis for a good environment for you and your pet.

5. Select a veterinarian

Illnesses, accidents and health complications can catch anyone anytime. Your dog is no different. When you first get your dog home, you need to select a veterinary doctor who will assess the health situation of your dog. This doctor will also take the history of your pet.

As you live with the dog, you should take it for a vet examination every few months to just ensure that your dog is at its best place healthwise. Having a vet you can call for your dog’s care at a moment’s notice is crucial.

Having said all these, dog’s need you to treat them well. Do not be harsh or cruel anymore than you would be to your child or another human being. There are more ways of being considerable and responsible as a dog owner but these are a good place to start.