5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Christmas

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As a busy mum, for most of the year you’ll have been rushed off your feet, from making sure the kids are okay, to maintaining a healthy work and social life. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to put your feet up and have a well-earned break. Having some time for yourself is a must during the festive season, so here are some ways you can treat yourself this Christmas.

Have a Spa Day

If you have some time off work, it’s time to forego your busy schedule and swap it for some much-needed pampering. You can head to a beauty salon Oxford like Utopia and have a spa day. There are other beauty treatments you can have too, such as getting your nails done. If you don’t want to go alone, why not call up a couple of girlfriends? That way, you can have a well-deserved pamper with your nearest and dearest.

Turn Down Plans

For mums who find it hard to say no, now is the time to put yourself first. During the festive season, you may be invited to all sorts of events and occasions, but if you don’t feel up to going, don’t! Instead, why not curl up on the sofa, put on some Christmas films, and grab a bottle of wine from the fridge? If you really want to treat yourself this Christmas, having the confidence to turn down plans in favour of doing things you love is key.

Run a Hot Bath

If you don’t want to go out and about during the festive season, there are lots of ways you can pamper yourself without having to step out the front door. For example, running a hot bath and lighting some scented candles can bring stress levels down and give you an opportunity to fully relax and unwind. However, just make sure someone is looking after the kids so you don’t have to deal with unwanted interruptions! 

Buy Yourself Something Nice

Understandably, you’ll want to buy lots of presents for your nearest and dearest, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t treat yourself too. If you’ve had your eye on a perfume, or you’ve found some clothes you like, use Christmas as an excuse to buy yourself something nice. Don’t feel guilty about splashing out on yourself either, because if you can’t do so at Christmas, when can you?


Motherhood comes with all kinds of responsibilities, so it’s no surprise that you may be feeling stressed during the festive period. Taking a minute for yourself to meditate can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Shutting yourself in a quiet room and meditating can bring stress levels down, reduce anxiety, and help you feel more positive in yourself. 

While your main focus will be on ensuring your kids have the best Christmas possible, that doesn’t mean you should forget about your own needs in the process. Having some time to treat and pamper yourself will help you truly relax and help you get the most out of the festive season.