5 Fun Ways to Tell Loved Ones You’re Expecting

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Finding out that you’re pregnant is an incredibly exciting moment and often mums and dads to be want to keep that excitement rolling. A great way to do this is to tell your family and friends in a fun and creative way and to make it as memorable as possible. But how should you do it? The way you tell them will no doubt depend on your relationship, whether it’s your first baby and what is most personal for you. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are six fun and creative ways to tell your loved ones that you are expecting a baby.

Play Your Baby’s Heartbeat

When you have a recording of your baby’s heartbeat from the hospital, you can use it to announce your pregnancy in an incredibly magical way. You can send the recording to them via a smartphone message, an email or even make a video of you hearing it for the first time which you can share with them. Send it with a subtle message like, ‘somebody is looking forward to meeting you in 9 months’ or similar. This idea is great for people who live a long way from their friends or family and can’t tell them in person. Alternatively, you can create a pregnancy announcement video which you can share with friends and family via social media, email, and more.

Put a Bun in the Oven

This one is a classic but always fun! Invite your friends or family over and ask them to check on what’s in the oven. When they open it up, they will find a beautiful bun baking away in there marked with a B just like the nursery rhyme. Take a photo or video of the big moment and, once you’ve all calmed down a little, you can sit down to enjoy a slice of the bun together.

Give them Personalised T-shirts

A great idea is to look at the t-shirt printing in Brum and personalise them for your family members. You can personalise them easily to say: Granny, or Grandpa, Auntie or Uncle, Big Brother or Sister, etc. You could even put the due date on the t-shirts or anything you can think of. Then wrap them up and present them to your loved ones at the same time. They’ll find out in quirky and suspenseful way and will have a memento to treasure forever.

Invite them Over for a Brew

Similarly to the t-shirts, you could opt for a personalised mug with a message on the bottom or inside, or even an image from the ultrasound. Invite them over for a tea or coffee just as you would on any normal day but instead of handing them any old mug, give them the special mug and wait for them to cotton on.

Take them Out for a Meal 

If you’re up for a bit of planning, you could always contact a local café or restaurant and see if they would be willing to help you make your announcement. For example, they could write the news on their chalkboard or easel which they display outside so you can walk past and draw their attention to it. Alternatively, you could print a ‘specials’ page which can be inside the menu when you sit down and will announce the news for you. For more inspirational ideas, take a look at this list on www.thebump.com