6 Reasons why you should hire a house cleaner

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Everybody loves to take pride in their home. If you are working from home or have kids at home during lockdown, you know how messy your house can get. Everyday life can be hectic and stressful. Who has the time for cleaning?

Hiring a house cleaning professional is the solution. Here are 6 great reasons to book a cleaner today and start enjoying your home again.

1. Affordable luxury

If you are someone who thinks cleaning services will break the bank, then think again. Most cleaners work with very affordable rates. The average cost for a cleaner in London is 14.29 per hour. With a domestic cleaning company like TidyChoice, flat rates can be as low as 12.50. It’s a guarantee you’ll find someone within your budget. Plus, that pays for someone who is an expert in the field. Your home will have never looked so clean.

It’s not just money you save too. Think about the energy and time that would otherwise be wasted. That’s more time spent appreciating your family, rather than cleaning up after them. Now that’s worth the money.

2. Trained & vetted professionals

Cleaners booked through London cleaning agencies are fully vetted. The cleaning company does all the hard work for you. They only select experienced individuals. The cleaners also undergo thorough background checks and interviews. So, you can relax knowing your home is in safe hands.

3. Easy to book online

Forget dealing with traditional cleaning agencies. Most cleaning companies are now online and you can book within minutes. It’s so easy and flexible. You can see who’s available in your area on any day at any given time. Whether you prefer a mid-week clean while the kids are at school or someone to pop in over the weekend, there’s a cleaner for you.

4. Choose your cleaner

With some online platforms, you can view cleaners’ profiles directly on the website. Learn more about the services that they offer. Read through customer reviews before selecting the right professional for you. You can find the best five-star cleaners in your area for a price that suits you.

5. Tailored service to you

A lot of domestic cleaners will offer a variety of services. You might want a one-off session or a regular cleaning service. Or you might have a fridge or an oven that needs a deep clean. You can tailor all of this online. If you wish to avail a service for just one type of cleaning, say for your carpet, then you can also get carpet cleaners who can come in and take care of that specific job.

In addition, you can add on services and make requests. Many cleaners will also provide housekeeping. So, you can add services such as laundry or cooking. Any preferences on cleaning products can be made. For example, if you don’t like the use of toxic detergents. The professional is there to provide the best cleaning service tailored to your needs.

6. Customer service

Every expert cleaner is passionate about their job. In the unlikely event you’re unsatisfied with the service, cleaning companies have excellent customer service teams. They’re happy to fix any issues. All feedback is taken on board and is communicated to the cleaner.


I hope we have managed to debunk some of your concerns about house cleaning services. This article was brought to you by TidyChoice, the best online domestic services platform in London. For help with the cleaning and housekeeping of your home, check out the TidyChoice website for all your domestic needs.