6 Simple Self-care Tips for Mums

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Self-care is a bit of a buzz word these days, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a place in your life. What you need to remember about self-care means something different to everyone. From indulging yourself with treats and days of relaxation to eating well and getting regular exercise, we all have different ways of nourishing and recharging our bodies. Many women, especially mothers, find that they have to schedule time for self-care to ensure they give themselves the space and time they need to reduce stress, fuel energy levels and boost self-esteem. To help you build self-care into your routine, here are 6 self-care tips for mums.

  • Start with the basics

Before you launch into new hobbies or change too much about your daily routine, you need to ensure that you have a handle on the basic elements of self-care. This means getting enough sleep, showering regularly, eating a balanced diet, taking any necessary medication, getting some light exercise and drinking plenty of water.

With these foundations in place, you will be in the best possible shape to look after your family and expand your self-care regime with new challenges.

  • Keep to a schedule

The key to self-care is to ensure your routine is sustainable rather than trying to change too many aspects of your life at once. This means that it’s better to adopt small, simple changes like a 5-minute stretching routine in the morning or a 10-minute meditation session each evening after work. You could also book an appointment for each month, which would give you an incentive to make time for it such as booking an appointment with a massage therapist in Cuffley or a personal trainer.

  • Start an activity with a friend

It can be difficult to stick to a new activity if you need to hold yourself accountable, so consider doing something with a friend, work colleagues or even a social media group. If you feel that you have shared goals and have people to support and encourage you, you’re more likely to keep to your commitments.

  • Remember that no one is perfect

Striving for perfection is only going to lead to disappointment, so it’s important to accept that you are going to struggle with self-care from time to time. If you have too much on your mind to meditate or can’t make it to your exercise class, brush it off and remember the progress you’ve made simply by trying to put yourself first.

  • Try saying no sometimes

We often put ourselves under a lot of pressure and expectation when we say ‘yes’ to every request that is made of us. Whether it’s at home, social circle or at work, you are perfectly within your rights to say no when you feel your energy and mental capacity are running low.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other people

One of the biggest contributing factors to low self-esteem in the modern world is the fact that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Social media encourages people to share filtered and idealized impressions of their life which are not real, so focus on being the best possible version of yourself.