6 Top Tips for Keeping Kids Happy & Healthy This Winter

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If you dread winter because of all the coughs, colds, and other common winter ailments that your children seem to pick up weekly, then you will be pleased to know that there are several steps you can take to help protect them.

From boosting their immune system to practicing good hygiene to protecting their skin, keep reading to discover the top six tips for keeping your kids happy and healthy this winter.

1.   Wrap up warm

Of course, you need to make sure your children are wrapped up warm when they go outside during winter, with their heads and hands needing to be kept covered when the temperature drops. However, it is also best to layer up your children in the home rather than cranking up the heating too much. Ideally, you should aim to have your house temperature between 16-21 degrees.

2.   Protect their skin

Although you may be on the ball when it comes to applying sunscreen in the summer months, did you know that the harsh winter weather can also have a detrimental effect on your children’s skin? If you are heading out to the park or for a walk and the sun is shining, you should still be applying some sun and wind balm. Toddler Born Wild offers 100% vegan childrens natural CBD Lip Balm (50ml, 500g CBD), which will ensure your children’s lips do not become cracked or sore during bouts of cold weather.

3.   Boost their immune systems

The simplest way to help protect your child from catching every cough and cold is to boost their immune system. This can be done by simply giving them lots of healthy and nutritionally balanced meals that include a wide range of colourful fruit and veg.

You may also want to consider giving them a daily multivitamin supplement if you feel they lack certain vitamins and minerals.

4.   Practice good hygiene

Instilling the importance of regular and effective hand washing should never be underestimated, especially once your children reach school age and they become exposed to a whole host of illnesses and infections.

Your child should always wash their hands before eating, after going to the toilet, and after returning home from the park. You may also wish to carry a hand sanitiser around with you so that you can clean your whole family’s hands on the go. There are loads of places that you can get hand sanitiser from, from both online sources such as Safety Shop (Click for more detail on that) or in your local shops.

5.   Stay hydrated

You may find that your children drink more water in the summer months as they become hot and sweaty, yet it is equally important to stay adequately hydrated during winter. If your children are not massive fans of water, you can offer them no added sugar squash or a glass of fruit juice with their meal.

6.   Keep active

If you find that your children tend to hibernate in the winter months, either in bed or in front of a screen, you need to try and find ways that you can stay active together as a family. Natural daylight is important for your health so try and get out at the weekends as early as possible to take advantage of the daytime.

You could visit the local park, go ice-skating wearing cinderella dress up costumes or take a long walk or even just go splashing in muddy puddles! Try and find an activity that your whole family can enjoy together.