6 Trending Windows Ideas For Home Remodels

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Are you planning to remodel your house? If yes, you also need new window ideas for the remodeled design. There is no denying that house remodeling is the need of the hour and people should remodel houses after few years. It makes the house get a more attractive look. When you remodel the house, it is also necessary that windows should be upgraded. What kind of style is the best these days? We are going to talk about the trending window ideas for home remodels and some of these ideas are listed below.

  1. Arch Top, Radius or Gable Style Window

This type of windows is not new but they are really popular even today. Half or full circle window just over the door or already existing windows creates an elegant look. It makes the house more spacious, get more air and provide better ventilation. For house remodeling, this can be a perfect idea. People who don’t worry about cost, should try this design. Just make sure t check out window prices.

  1. Colored Window Frames

Vinyl window frames are common these days. Apart from this, you can also compare them with double glazing cost. You will learn which is a better and more cost-friendly option. In this type of window, you have options to choose from various colors according to the paint and remodeling designs of your new house.

  1. Window Walls and Transoms

A lot of people nowadays prefer transoms as their new windows. These are the narrow windows just on top of the doors. There are many benefits of transom windows. They look better, provide more air, offer ventilation purpose as well as are more affordable. You can install them once you install the door. When the door and windows are opened, they provide ample fresh air.

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  1. Replace Windows with French Doors

French doors are also trending these days. They have become hot because of the great look and character they add to the house. Just replace patio doors or windows with French windows and they will make your house look way better. It is a new design that gives an industrial look to your house and impresses the visitors a swell.

  1. Sidelights

Here comes another amazing window idea for home remodel. Architects combine the doors and window to give a unique look to the house. The sidelights are narrow but vertical windows which are considered an ideal option for people who want more light into their rooms. You can also keep them opened for getting ample air and serve for ventilation.

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  1. Bow and Bay Windows

Many of you might have seen bow and bay windows. They are created inside as well as outside the room. They are perfect for living, dining and master bedrooms. It is the new design in the trend these days. The architects or designers create a bow, either inside or outside, which follows windows. It creates a stunning look and makes the room look better. They are bigger in size so will provide ample fresh air and ventilation.