7 Incredibly Easy Ways to Heal Through Horses Better While Spending Less

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There is a bond between a horse and its owner that surpasses many other pets. Horses are as loyal and caring as dogs, as sassy as cats and as cunning as birds. The thought of taking care of a big animal can be pretty intimidating, but like many other animals, when you love and provide for them, they will always return it.

Horses can easily dominate us, but they are kind and loyal animals. They care about their owners and easily allow us to domesticate them. They teach us so much including empathy, kindness and discipline.

Horses and ponies are enchanting and majestic beings, people love to ride them and see them. Once you develop a bond with a horse, it will be possibly the deepest relationship you can have with an animal. Along with the size and intimidation, you may also worry about the expenses that come with such animal.

This blog will guide you through 7 easy ways of healing through a horse while spending less:

  1. You may be wondering how horses help the healing process in the first place. According to years of scientific research, it has been proven that horses have tremendous positive effect on mental wellbeing of humans. People who have grown up with horses have developed the ability to have a calmer state of mind and fight depression in a more effective way.
  2. There are certain attributes and skills special to a horse that a person can learn. People who have grown up spending time with horses realized they have more stamina, are more adventurous as well as calm and composed. People love to share their stories of the time they spent with their horses in the open fields as well as internal stables.
  3. According to psychiatric study, when you adopt a horse, you are more likely to be attached and preoccupied with taking care of the horse instead of going to a dark place where depression can take over you. Horses give a sense of reality and warmth unlike any other animal.
  4. Horses are more likely to take care of you surprisingly. They are highly sensitive beings who cater their owner’s wellbeing. They will be by your side when you need it and will play around when you want to have fun. They are highly alert when you’re riding them and try to take care that you don’t fall.
  5. Like service dogs, horses have been proven to be very helpful at restoring good mental health for humans. There are efforts to open mental health centres with horses to improve rehabilitation. Convicted criminals also are part of the target group for such programs to decrease crime rate and their rehabilitation in society. 
  6. Ponies have been proven to be very helpful for children, as they are not huge and scary, instead quite cute. Kids with mental disabilities can be helped with ponies for calmness. Horses and ponies are also very expressive, and you can learn their language easily, for example if their eyes soft and ears are relaxed and flickering, they are happy. However, if their eyes look mean and their eyes are flat on their head, they may tend to be aggressive. This also helps figure out how comfortable the horse is with the human.
  7. Horses are one of the most loyal beings out there. Due to their wonderful eyesight, heightened sense of smell and hearing, and their ability to sleep while standing, as their legs prevent them for falling, they can be marvelous guards. They can sense predators very well and are very alert about even a slightest movement.

Hence, these majestic beings are worth it when it comes to your betterment as well as your mental health. 

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Emily Davis works at Cheval Liberte as community manager. Cheval Liberté have been designing, developing and producing stalls, temporary stables and stable equipment since 1995, Driven by their passion for horses, Cheval Liberté was founded by both riders and breeders and since 2005 this passion has been implemented in the UK, with our North Wales company being the sole importers of Cheval Liberté products for distribution and erection throughout the UK & Ireland.