7 Ways to Make a House a Home

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A house has walls and places to sit, whereas a home has memories through each hallway. If you have recently moved into a new home, you will be wondering how long it takes before it starts to feel like home. Time is usually the best answer to that, but there are some ways to speed up the process, and here are seven of them.

1. Hang Up Family Photographs

While you may not have made many memories in the house yet, you can place them on the walls. By putting pictures around the place, it will feel like you’ve been there for longer. Each time you walk past a photo, you will get a glimpse into a happy memory, strengthening the bond between you and the house.

2. Purchase Cosy Furniture

While you might be all about aesthetics when you first move in, you must also prioritise comfort. If you’re browsing for new sofas, choose comfort over appearance, as appearance won’t help when you want to crash onto soft cushions after a long day at work. Thankfully, there are plenty of sofas that are ridiculously comfortable while looking great!

It doesn’t hurt to throw some cushions and blankets around the place, too. Make it your own little comfy den.

3. Get Creative with the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house, so spend some time in it. It’s the place you talk, eat breakfast, and create delicious meals, so it’s worth your time. Make it your own by investing in a Bespoke Kitchens, so you can enjoy your love of food exactly the way you want to.

4. Choose Bright Colours

Bright colours will make you feel positive, so try to stay away from gloomy shades. Choose colours that suit your style and play around with them.

A bright pop of colour can make a dull place a fun one, so experiment with different shades and see which ones best match the surroundings.

5. Plants!

Plants are perfect for the home, both inside and out. Inside plants bring the beauty of nature inside your walls, giving you the calming hum of a forest when you haven’t even taken off your slippers. Taking the time to garden is also a great idea, as you will be putting your efforts into nurturing life. Once you see your plants grow, you will know it is your home, and you’ll have a luscious garden, too!

6. Keep Memories on Show

Little items that remind you of past experiences should be kept out in the open. Invest in some open cabinets and shelves so you can line up all the little trinkets you have accumulated over the years. By placing your stuff all around, your home will truly feel yours.

7. Use Empty Spaces

Empty space will make you feel colder and lonelier, so fill it up! Put up art prints, slot in an armchair, or place a bookcase in the areas that hold nothing but dust. You don’t need to cram; just make sure that your home is filled with life in every corner. After all, the last thing you’re going for is a hotel room appearance!