A Guide for Buying a Mattress

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Not getting a good night of sleep? Do you wake up tired or in pain? If that’s the case all you have to do is take a good look at your current mattress. A close inspection will tell you whether it’s finally time to say goodbye to your long-lasting sleep support. After all, if your mattress looks saggy it definitely cannot help you get some rest during the night. When something doesn’t work for you and is beyond repair, it’s time to let it go. There’s no reason to contemplate the whole concept of a new mattress coming into your life. Embrace the change but know what you want and need in order to make the whole search a lot easier for you.

Three main types of mattresses

When going on the hunt for a new mattress, you’ll have to know what types of mattresses there are to choose from. Essentially, you have memory foam, innerspring and mattresses with adjustable air.

In general, memory foam mattresses are the most popular. After all, these are great for people who suffer from joint and back pain as the mattress molds itself to your body. Not to mention that you can easily find hypoallergenic and cooling ones.

Mattresses with innerspring tend to be the least expensive and you can readily find them anywhere. Of course, this type of mattress also have a thinner layer of foam on the top of the strings. However, even though they’re sturdy, you may find that they can get too bouncy or hard for your taste, if you generally like softer support.

Finally, mattresses with adjustable air can turn out to be really practical and easily customizable since you can inflate them to your preferred firmness. They also come with a top foam layer for additional comfort. Still, you may have to reinflate them from time to time, which can end up being irritating, especially during the night.

Don’t be fooled by the following mattress myths:

Top foam layers on innerspring and adjustable air mattresses don’t necessarily affect the comfort and quality of sleep. You have to test that out for yourself.

If you want an innerspring mattress, you don’t have to confuse yourself over the number of coils. Some mattresses with 600 coils perform as well as those with 1000 coils. It’s all about the material and how you feel.

If a mattress is infused with a cooling gel, that doesn’t have to mean that you’ll notice a serious cooling effect during your sleep. If this is something that you find appealing, you should definitely look into mattresses that are known to actually provide a noticeable difference when it comes to cooling.

Hearing that a mattress has extra lumbar support may sound like a dream come true for those of you who suffer from back pain. However, various tests have shown that this feature actually makes very little difference in the end.

So, how should you go about the buying process?

Feel free to lie down and test out the potential mattress. You have all the right to spend 10-20 minutes trying out the mattress you want to buy. Test it out in every sleeping position. And if you’d rather order online, make sure to check the return policies. Of course, do this even if you’re looking for a mattress in a regular store.

Getting a new box spring is not a necessity. This is especially true if your old one is perfectly functional. For instance, if you plan to get a new comfortable king single mattress that matches the size and type of your previous one, and your foundation is completely fine, you don’t need to buy another one.

Always check your warranty to know what to expect. The coverage tends to decrease over time so keep this in mind. Also, don’t sign up for a delivery until you fully check the mattress and a box in case you’re getting one. Make sure there’s absolutely no damage. You should also be able to find an all-new material label.

Remember, your mattress is very important when it comes to good-quality lifestyle. In that respect, you shouldn’t rush this process. Under no circumstances should you allow a salesperson to convince you to buy a mattress that you’re not 100% sure about. You may tend to get anxious in these situations but precisely because of that, keep in mind your own comfort, health and happiness at all times.