A Guide to Planting Roses in Your Garden

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Roses are a quintessentially English flower, and perennially popular both in the UK and worldwide. From a dozen long-stemmed red roses on Valentine’s Day, that can be sent to you via this Sandhurst floral delivery service, to fragrant climbing roses entwined around a cottage trellis, these stunning blossoms instantly evoke images of love and rural beauty. However, with over 150 species of rose and thousands of hybrid varieties available, it can be tricky to know which type to choose for your garden. Here’s a quick guide on planting roses in any outdoor space.

Choosing your rose

Roses are incredibly diverse, and each variety brings something different to the table. However, if you can’t decide between the different offerings, then why not purchase a cross-breed? For instance, Floribundas are the result of cross-breeding Hybrid Teas (elegant roses which are popular as cut flowers) with Polyantha roses. As such, they combine the characteristics of both. This means you get the gorgeous flower shape of the Hybrid Tea (though the buds are a little smaller in size), but with clusters blooming on the same stem like they do with Polyanthas. As such, Floribundas are an incredibly striking and colourful plant, with a pleasant and gentle fragrance. So if you want to fill your garden with colour, this type of rose could be perfect.  If you want some inspiration, just take a look at Country Garden Roses. There’s everything from vivid pink and subtle peach to deep red and regal purple. For something truly unique, try a modern two-tone or striped flower that’s guaranteed to get admiring looks from visitors!

Getting started

Most roses generally bloom from June to October, which means your garden will be filled with vibrant splashes of colour all summer long. You’ll want to plant your roses between autumn and early spring. They grow best in a sunny spot that’s not too windy, and where the soil drains well. Most roses don’t like to be crowded in with other plants, so be sure to give them some room! What’s nice about roses is that you can choose a breed to suit whatever type of space you have. They make a great addition to a rose bed or mixed border, but can also be planted in large pots to brighten up a courtyard or patio area.

Rose care

One of the reasons roses are popular is that they are relatively low maintenance flowers. Naturally hardy and disease-resistant, they are very easy to care for. Despite being easy to care for, however, this doesn’t mean you should neglect them! The main thing to be aware of is that you should prune them every year, in later winter or early spring. This involves cutting away any dead and diseased stems and making sure the plant is not too tangled, all of which helps to ensure the flowers bloom well, and the roses look their best. By doing this, though, you will be reaping the health benefits that gardening can bring you, which is always a bonus.

Don’t worry if you’re not green-fingered, as there are plenty of online guides to help you out.

All in all, roses are an excellent addition to any garden, no matter what type of space you have or how skilled you are at gardening.