A Winter Day out -Your Packing Checklist

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Category: Family Holidays and Weekends

Being able to enjoy days out as a family is important, Trips out provide you with the chance to catch up with each other and have some fun. During the summer, organizing days out is relatively easy. In the winter, there is a little more to think about. You need to be more prepared, so you are ready the variable weather that is normal, at this time of the year. However, as you will see, when you read on, this is easier than you may at first think.

The right clothing

Top of the list has to be making sure that everyone has the right type of winter clothing to wear on days out. Provided you and the kids are wrapped up warmly enough, you can enjoy a trip out almost regardless of the weather,

Footwear is important

It is very important that everyone is wearing the right footwear. You need to choose boots that are practical and easy to walk in as well as stylish.

The kids need good quality shoes or boots that have been properly made to keep the rain out and their feet warm. Ideally, the soles should be non-slip. This greatly reduces the chances of them falling over and hurting themselves. Also, make sure that the soles are not too thin. Thicker soled shoes tend to keep the feet a lot warmer. They are better at keeping the cold out, especially in situations like standing to wait for a bus.

Warm coats

Everyone also needs a warm coat that is big enough for them to wear a jumper underneath. Ideally, you also want it to be waterproof. If this is not possible, be sure to buy everyone a lightweight raincoat that is big enough to be worn over the top of their normal coat.

It is usually a good idea to have a hood. Just make sure that your child can still see clearly with the hood up. You do not want one that obscures the face too much. It is all too easy for a child´s field of vision to be dangerously limited by an oversized hood.

Hats and gloves

You should also check that everyone has a good hat and a pair of gloves. Try to buy the type that enables you to continue to be able to use touch screens when you are wearing them. That way everyone is kept happy because they can continue to use their gadgets and devices. Plus, you or your child is less likely to end up with only one glove because it was taken off to use a phone or tablet.

Prepare the car properly

As well as making sure that everyone is properly prepared to face the elements you need to check that your car is too. Get it serviced, top up the antifreeze and windscreen washers and make sure that the tyres have enough tread. Be sure to fill up with petrol before you leave. That way, should you get stuck in traffic; you will be able to keep the engine running and the heating on.

These are the most important steps you need to take. However, if you would like a more checklist to help you to prepare your car for winter days out, you will find this article very helpful.