Activities To Help You Get Out Your Comfort Zone

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The positive effects of adrenaline are well documented in scientific studies. When you do something that brings you out of your comfort zone, endorphins and adrenaline are released (particularly if you are engaging in activity that gets your body moving) and this chemical change in your body leaves you feeling energised, positive and strong. Psychologically, pursing activities that get you out of your comfort zone will expand your horizons and demonstrate that you can grow and change, and that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Once you have moved out of your comfort zone once (for instance, by participating in a driving experience) you will find everyday life less of a challenge. Moreover, once you have caught that adrenaline bug, you will be seeking out new ways to move beyond that comfort zone every day! Here are four ideas of activities that you can engage in to get out of your comfort zone.


Often, our comfort zone is created not so much by where we are, but by the people we are with. Striking out into the community and meeting new people is such a positive way of moving out of your comfort zone and making a difference at the same time. Volunteer with a local charity, or host a community event such as a festival or a communal picnic. If you want to push further out your comfort zone, then there is no better way than to volunteer abroad. This is the perfect way to be surrounded in a new environment, with new people and depending on the type of work, potentially very challenging circumstances which will truly help you gain confidence.
Travel somewhere new!

Visiting a new country, plunging yourself in to a new culture, and testing your conversation skills in a new language are all ways to get you out of your comfort zone and widen your horizons. Travel brings you wonderful new memories and also endows you with a different perspective on the world. Free yourself from just seeing life from a single angle: try new foods, make friends from different walks of life and remember that the world is much much larger than your own individual comfort zone. Travel alone or with friends, and do not let anything like age become a barrier to discovering new lands.

An adrenaline packed activity

There are so many activities out there which can get you out of your comfort zone. If you take the time to do these activities one by one, starting with the easier ones and slowly moving your way up to the really challenging ones, you will find yourself doing things you wouldn’t never of dreamed at. So, start with something such a driving experience. If you are unsure what this is, it basically is the chance to drive a car such as supercar around a racetrack or a 4×4 on an off-road course. Driving at high speeds along a racetrack will certainly make you feel a bit uncomfortable at first but slowly set you up to do more challenging activities. If you are unsure where to look for these, they can be easily booked on experience days websites. After you have conquered activities like these, you should then move onto something like Canyoning. This is basically white water rafting without the raft, so you get the drift. It is quite intense and a step up from a driving experience. Once you have mastered this, maybe bungee jumping until you reach activities such as skydiving. After you have achieved all these activities you are sure to feel like you have truly accomplished getting out of your comfort zone.

Take a course in something new

Plunge into a whole new culture by taking a course in something new such as a foreign language. Take a pastry course with a top chef. Learn to weave a basket or to weld. Study advanced mathematics or sailing. Getting out of your comfort zone does not need to involve high speeds and daredevil leaps. It can be something intellectual, too. What is it that you have always wanted to know more about? Which skills have you long wished to acquire? Stop making excuses, or telling yourself that you won’t be good enough: you will be, and you may have plenty of fun in the process. Meet new people, give your brain a workout and maybe get something cool to add to your CV as well.