Now and again I am reminded of just how successful this website has become, especially whenever we hear about the results our advertisers enjoy. Quite early on, we received enquiries from businesses wishing to advertise our site. The internet has a way of finding good content as well as strong readerships, and this has certainly worked in our favour.

Initially, we just wanted to support local businesses but our network has widened, and we now make advertising space available to businesses across the globe. Naturally, all our advertisers provide products or services for parents and kids.

You can get in touch with me here regarding advertising opportunities.

No-Nonsense Advertising Packages

We believe in keeping our advertising packages simple and our rates highly competitive. While we provide a variety of options and campaigns of different lengths, we don’t make a big deal about all the hard work we put in. Obviously, we want our advertisers to increase their sales and revenue and do everything to help them achieve their targets.

In close collaboration with our advertisers, we tailor advertising packages to optimise their chance of reaching their goals.

Previous advertisers have praised our simple process and been amazed at how easy advertising on our site is. In essence, we do the bulk of the work and advertisers can simply concentrate on running their business.

Why Advertising on Our Site Works

All of our advertisers have gained more than they invested and this is why:

  • 17’000 Parenting Fans: Businesses providing for parents will have their ads exposed to 17’000 unique monthly parenting fans. Our readers form an incredible, easy-to-reach target group. We have featured everything from toy ads, to restaurant ads right through to children’s clothing promotions and even family holiday destinations.
  • Stunning, Well-Placed Advertisements: Our website and blog are colourful and visually evocative. Usually, we design ads ourselves to make sure they go well with our website themes. Advertisers may choose the publishing location for the ad, however, as a rule, we try to place ads alongside relevant content. This way, readers who may be researching a topic, find relevant products or services alongside the content they’ve been studying.
  • Great Rates, Little or No Work and Great Support: Before making advertising space available to businesses, we spent a long time looking at online advertising rates. By doing so, we identified what we consider to be fair rates and prices haven’t increased since. There is little or no work to be done by the advertise, unless she/he wish to collaborate from start to finish. Our advertiser support is second-to-none.

Step-By-Step Guide to Advertising Here

When you contact us to enquire about advertising on our site, this is what happens:

  1. We find out about your business, product or service,
  2. You tell us what your sales targets are.
  3. We send you an information package outlining your options.
  4. Jointly, we tailor your chosen packages to optimise the effect or your ad.
  5. We design an ad and chose the best location.
  6. You sit back and relax.
  7. We publish the ad and monitor its performance by collecting website data.
  8. You reap the rewards and watch your revenue grow.
  9. Jointly, we evaluate your campaign and determine how it could be improved.
  10. Jointly, we plan your next campaign.

As you can see, the process is very simple and you won’t have to do much.

I have been delighted to support business growth and expansion and will continue working hard in an effort to increase my advertisers’ sales and revenue.

To receive your information package, please fill out the form below. We look forward to working with and supporting the organic growth and expansion of your business.