Advice For Taking Special And Unique Family Photography

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As a parent, it can get tiresome trying to keep our little ones still for five seconds so we can snap a picture. Actually though, the key to capturing unique and memorable photos is to do the complete opposite of this.

You don’t need to have everyone stood still and ready to ‘say cheese’, you can let your children behave as they normally would and capture special memories at the same time.

Photography is about capturing a moment so that it can last a lifetime. So, let your children be energetic, funny, or whatever they may be. This way, their personalities will shine through the images and you can make sure you catch all their silly phases on camera, before they grow up in the blink of an eye!

Here are some tips and tricks for making sure you capture special family photography that can be passed down the generations.

Keep moving!

First and foremost, don’t go for the conventional ‘stand in a line and smile’ poses. They are outdated, stiff and don’t allow your family’s character to be reflected. Whether you are trying your hand at some family photography yourself or dragging your troops along to a studio, prepare to let loose and be active.

By allowing your kids to play as normal you can capture family dynamics and everyone’s different personalities on camera. Images that are unique and funny are far more special to be kept as precious memories or put up around your home than the traditional family portrait style. Without there being a fun memory associated with an image, they don’t feel half as important.

Be emotive

As well as aiming to take pictures of your family doing what they do best – having fun – you should try to capture all kinds of emotions too. Instead of trying to stop your children from scowling or pulling a funny face, welcome it! These moments make for completely unique and memorable family photography. It is the authentic and informal nature of candid, documentary style shots that gives these photos a timeless appeal. Allow the camera to capture your family’s genuine emotions and natural interactions. So that in the future when you choose to revisit the memory, you are filled with warm nostalgia and sweet memories. So, crack some jokes and entertain your family to get them giggling and then take some snapshots of the happy moment!

Go to a studio

Sometimes, it is a good idea to leave family photography to the professionals. Although admittedly, it does require a significant budget, photographers will have experience in how to capture special family moments. Plus, no one gets to hide behind the camera. Dads, grumpy teenagers, grandads – everyone can be included, much to their dismay!

If you’re heading to a studio, let your children react naturally to the environment and to your photographer, who will no doubt have them laughing in no time. We went to a fantastic creative photography studio and it was the perfect environment for the kids as they were so chilled out. The only way to make the most of a family photography session is to just let loose and be yourselves. If you feel relaxed, your children will too. Natural family photography beats stiff and unemotive images hands down.

You might assume that portrait family photography involves getting dressed up and having everyone on their best behaviour, but this isn’t the case anymore. Nousha are a family and children’s photography company based in London who provide fun and natural studio photoshoots. Their main emphasis is always on capturing the unique personality of each family and child, which they never fail to do. If you are worried about taking your children to a studio in case they misbehave or don’t enjoy the experience, opting for a shoot with a modern and relaxed family photography company like Nousha is the way to go.

Good lighting

The added benefit of working with photographers is their equipment! Lighting is key for taking a good photo. If there is not enough light or too much light in the surroundings, your photos will appear low quality and unflattering.

If you work with a reputable and trusted family photography company, they will have the perfect set up in terms of background, camera lenses and props to have your family looking their best.

As you can see, the key to special family photography is simply not to take it too seriously – the best photos are taken when everyone is enjoying themselves.