Bathroom Makeovers: Simple Steps for Installing a New Vanity and Sink

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The bathroom is one of the busiest and most overworked spaces in your home and this means that every now and again it could do with a makeover to keep things fresh and in good condition.

Installing a new vanity and sink can provide that transformation that you are looking for and give your bathroom a welcome lift in an instant.

Here are some tips and insights to help you give your bathroom an instant makeover. Including a simple step by step guide for removing your old unit and fitting a replacement.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

If you are planning to do the job yourself one of the simplest but most important tips to remember is that for the easiest installation possible it would be a good idea to find a vanity and sink that has the same dimensions as your old ones.

You really don’t want to be trying to make adjustments to the pipework in order to accommodate a new unit, and you will slash the amount of time you need to complete the task when you manage to achieve a straightforward new for old swap.

Getting started

In order to tackle the job with confidence and to make the task as easy as possible you might want to see here for a list of tools, including adjustable spanners and wrenches, that you will need for the project.

Before you do any sort of work on your bathroom you will need to ensure that the water supply is turned off completely. You can isolate the water supply locally if there is a valve under the sink, but a good added precaution would be to turn off the water at the main valve, then turn on the faucet to clear any water pressure left in the lines and confirm that the water is now off.

Bucket at the ready

It’s time to dismantle the old unit and get ready for the new one, so you will need a bucket to hand for when you loosen the slip nut at the top of the P-trap.

Position the bucket underneath to catch any water left in the trap and then start to disconnect the water supply lines. This will probably involve using a wrench to work them loose and catch any water left in the lines with your bucket.

Removing the sink

You will need a utility knife to cut the sealant along the backsplash and gently work it free by tugging with moderate force so that it comes away from the wall.

Having freed the sink and disconnected all the fittings you can now remove the sink top from the vanity base. How your sink is secured to the vanity will vary, so you might encounter screws, glue, or a combination of the two.

If you are replacing the vanity and the sink or plan to reuse one or the other alongside your new fitting, take care to chisel and apply force on the inside where any potential damage won’t be seen.

This is the point where your decision to update with like for like will be rewarded, as Installing your new sink and vanity will be much easier and less time-consuming if you are able to almost repeat the process in reverse order without any major adjustments to make everything fit into place.