Be Prepared for Emergency Situations

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Being responsible for your whole family is quite a role. It is very stressful and demanding and allows no mistakes. All family members know whose responsibility this is in each family and if it’s on you, you need to be prepared. Everyday situations are easy, it becomes a routine and you can master these skills quickly given that you practice on a daily basis. However, when it comes to emergency situations and things that happen rarely and unexpectedly, things can get overwhelming. Keeping your head clear in a state of panic is something one needs to mentally prepare for and it cannot really be practiced. That is why it’s best to try to foresee some events and think of a quick-reaction plan beforehand, so you can remember this and actually react once it happens in real life.

Phone numbers

Make a list of all numbers for emergency situations. Don’t postpone it, you never know when you’ll be needing it. Sit down and think about which phone numbers need to be on that list. Start from the police, emergency medical service and firefighters, then move on to other things like the local pharmacy, your child’s doctor, your own dentist, work numbers of yourself and your spouse, as well as the number of your children’s school and teacher. You also need a list of your family members’ numbers, as well as your close friends and relatives. We rely on our mobile phones too much, so it’s smart to have a shortlist of phone numbers in your wallet or even better, your head.

Allergies or disease

Some diabetics wear necklaces with engraved pendants informing others of their condition. This is very helpful in emergency situations and can speed up the process of healing once in a certain medical emergency. That is why it’s smart to do something similar for the members of your family, as well as yourself and make it easier for people to help you in situations when you’re unable to help yourself.

Sudden car trouble

One simply must have a car emergency plan. It can happen anytime and anywhere and you really don’t want to be left hanging in the middle of nowhere at night. In situations like these, you need to have options besides roadside assistance. It’s a whole hassle and it lasts too long. Your kids could be hungry or thirsty, you could be in a hurry to get somewhere, and that’s why it’s smarter to have a number of a trustworthy mobile mechanic. They will come and fix your car on the spot, which means no additional waiting and moving around, picking up your car from all sorts of places, etc. It’s very efficient and convenient.

Around the house

Being the responsible person in the family, it is expected of you to know how to fix any sudden issue in the house or at least to know someone who is willing and capable to do it on the shortest possible notice. Numbers of a plumber and an electrician that are available 24/7 are definitely what you need to have. Once you find the right institutions and contacts for these situations, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully and live stress-free. Of course, learning a few tricks on your own wouldn’t hurt.


There are situations when you are needed in your own house, but you also need to get groceries or medicine. For instance, your child may be ill and your spouse at work, but you need to take care of lunch or get a syrup or some other medicine. In that case, it’s useful to have a number of an outside delivery service. They offer different kinds of shopping and deliver it straight to your house. It’s all for a price that’s not exactly cheap, but it’s also a service you’d be using only in emergency situations, so it’s OK.

Being prepared for sudden mishaps is considered pessimistic by some people, but it’s not. It’s simply being cautious and it is always useful. People who are well-prepared are careful and responsible and they want only the best for their loved ones. Everyone should do the same for the benefit of their family. Once you secure your family, you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful moments with them knowing you’ve done everything in your power to keep them safe.