Beauty Items Mums Would Love

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The reality is that it can be difficult to pamper and beautify oneself as a busy working mum or even a stay-at-home mum with kids. Even if it’s downtime, children can be clingy so a beauty routine would be impossible to maintain. But fret not fellow mum as there are beauty items that are really effective, multipurpose, and worth the money. Here are some of them.

Aloe Vera Gel

This is a holy grail since it is affordable, effective, and can be used for various things. Be wary of fake or unpopular brands though as these were said to have a sticky feeling and can cause skin irritation. The aloe vera gel is primarily used for moisturising skin but it can also alleviate pain from mild burns. It’s also good for those with dry scalp aka dandruff. Plus, it also assists in hair growth. It is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving no greasy or slippery feeling compared to lotions.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

With just a small amount used and a small surface area to apply, any mum can have a quick application of anti aging cream. You’ll thank yourself later for always using this. Why not share some to the hubby as well?

Tinted Moisturiser

Again, moisturiser is key to healthy skin and glow. Tinted moisturiser also helps in hiding blemishes and gives extra sun protection through SPF. It’s beauty and skincare in one so it’s nifty for busy mums.


It’s like tinted moisturiser for your lips as it hydrates lips while giving sun protection and color as well. Again, this is a nifty beauty item for busy mums. Various scents or flavors are available as well.

Dry Shampoo

Available in powder and spray can form, dry shampoo is a good hair care item for quick hair fixes. Greasy hair isn’t a good look after all. It can be used wherever, whenever.


Health supplements are your extra boost in order to be the supermum your family needs you to be. It’s quick and easy to take supplements like moringa capsules in order to be fit and productive. Getting sick is a mum’s worst nightmare.