Benefits of Eco Reusable Shopping Bags

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For the last few years, a lot of areas around the globe have been pushing to move away from plastic shopping bags and toward more sustainable options. If you’re really used to walking up to a bagging area, tossing your stuff in a free plastic bag, and leaving, you might be in for a shock pretty soon.

As the eco reusable bags push picks up steam, more stores are implementing it into their business models. Some offer eco reusable bags at the register, and some require you to bring your own bags. This isn’t the horrible inconvenience you might think it is. In fact, it has several benefits over the status quo method.

Don’t believe us? Check out these reasons you should be excited about eco reusable shopping bags.

No Bag Fees

Many stores, especially grocery stores, are implementing a small fee per plastic bag if they’re still offering them at all. This is typically a very small fee, but that adds up. By purchasing your own eco reusable bags, you can bypass those fees with every trip. In a few trips, the bags have paid for themselves.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Whether you buy bags made of paper, cotton, hyacinth paper, or any of the other eco-friendly options, you’re reducing your carbon footprint quite a bit. You’re not generating more wasted plastic that fills landfills, dirties up living areas, and overall pollutes the beautiful blue marble we’re on.

Easily Recycled

With plastic bags, you may think you’re doing your part by tossing them in the recycling bin. However, did you know that most plastic bags don’t qualify for recycling?

Eco reusable bags are easily recyclable; especially the paper variety. If you use paper eco-bags, you can simply drop them in your paper recycling bin, and 100% of each bag will be used to make more paper products without chopping down more trees or wasting resources.

Reliable Supply

Have you ever gone to a self-checkout lane and noticed there were no bags available? The clerks aren’t even nearby to replace the stock, and you end up carrying all your purchases by hand or loose in your cart; drawing the attention of security and inconveniencing yourself.

When you build up a nice supply of eco reusable bags, you can head to the store knowing for sure that you’ll have enough bags to drag all your purchases out with ease.

Quality Difference

You grab a plastic bag, and it just feels cheap. Sure, there’s no practical reason to care about whether the bag you’re using to tote groceries along is Gucci or not, but you will understand the difference when you switch to a cotton bag that is nearly infinitely reusable. That quality difference doesn’t just ensure better performance. It also simply feels good to have more than a flimsy plastic bag.

Eco Reusable Bags are the Future

Whether you like it or not, most businesses are trying to push towards a greener initiative. Eco reusable bags are quickly becoming the norm, and there are tons of benefits, both personal and in the bigger picture, that should persuade you to make the switch.