Benefits of Owning a Wig

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For most women (or more likely for ALL women), there is a huge amount of focus placed on our hair. Men don’t have to face the critical eyes of society the same way that we do when it comes to health, style and fashion trends which is why we need an understanding of the power our hair holds.

Hair is a social tool, telling people how much time you have at your disposal to get it to its presented state. It shows people how much you care about yourself and by extension how invested you are in your activities and life in general. The health of your hair can be the difference between looking classy and brightening up the room, to looking a little trashy and not standing out the way you want. Your hair is an expression of your identity, which is why it has held such power throughout history. In case you are dealing with hair loss, another option would be to get a hair transplant as this procedure gives natural and permanent results.

The amount of time, energy and money spent on getting our look just right can be outrageous! Have you felt that a bad hair day spells out a bad day in general? Any hard-working woman will know the struggle when there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get the look just right when you are juggling your career, your life or making sure your kids have everything they need.

But here’s a tip for all of you out there; wigs are coming back, better than ever. Today’s technology gives us access to higher quality materials that last longer, look WAAAY better and are more comfortable to wear without worrying about them falling off. You can reclaim all of those hours spent in the mirror or at the salon by getting into wigs (get the latest wig news & tips). Your natural hair will thank you for the break from straightening irons, and for not exposing it to vicious dyes that can affect your overall health. You can change styles, lengths and colours easily for any situation.

Here are a few pointers you need to think of when starting with wigs. The first is style; you need to consider if you want a completely new look, or if you want a wig that matches your biological hair. Even if you choose to match your natural hair, you are going to feel that it looks different but this is just part of the adjustment phase.

Subconsciously your brain will realize that it’s not your natural hair which is why it can be important to start with your natural look until you adjust to the feeling, but this doesn’t take long. After adjusting, find styles and colours that are creative, or that you’ve always wanted to try but never have. It can become such an empowering experience.

The next point to think of is lighting. Wigs may change colour slightly under certain lights, so be sure to test yours out in a range of environments that you are going to encounter.

You can choose between synthetic wigs or ones made from real human hair. Synthetic wigs are great because they are pre-styled, maintain their style through different climates, are faster to put on and often are cheaper.

Wigs made from real hair are usually more expensive since real hair has a quality all of its own that is difficult to replicate. You still need to style and work these wigs yourself, and they can be influenced by humidity and temperature the same as your natural hair.

Having a small collection of wigs, real or synthetic, allows you to have more variety and style in how you express yourself. Find what works for you, how much time you have and which ones match your lifestyle.