Boilers And Central Heating Explained

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A central heating system is used for heating purposes inside the houses. The system is connected to the boilers which contain hot water. It is then provided heat by gas or through electrical sources. The boilers continue to provide hot water which maintains the room temperature. Boilers of different types are used in a central heating system. Every type of boiler has its own pros and cons and particular features. We are going to talk about boilers, the types like combi boilers, combi boiler prices, as well as the central heating system and how it works.

  1. Central Heating

The central heating system has one purpose and that is to provide the house with a heating solution. In winter, people prefer using various methods of heating and central heating is one of them. It has two basic model; electric system and gas central heating.

  1. Electric Boilers

Electricity is usually more expensive than gas option. So the electric boilers have a storage which is filled with the heat during night when the energy tariffs are low. The heat stored is then provided to the house during the day to meet the heating needs. The electric boilers are easier to install when compared with the gas boilers. Moreover, they are good for the people where gas is a problem.


  1. Gas Boilers

Gas boilers also have the same mechanism when it comes to working. But they are way more popular than electric or oil boiler and people ask about boiler prices more. With gas boilers, you have a decent option to spend less on your heating solution. They are in trend these days and a lot of people are using gas boilers. With new technology, these have become even better. It is very easy to install the gas boilers. They are cost-friendly and have lower monthly bills as compared to the electric boilers.

Types of Central Heating

There are three main types of central heating which are as follows.

  • Wet Systems
  • Warm Air Systems
  • Storage Heaters
  1. Boilers

Without boilers, no central heating system can work as they are the part and parcel of it. The boilers contain water which is heated through gas or electricity systems. There are various types of boilers being used these days. Few of its types are given below.


  1. Combi Boilers

It is a single compact unit which is a high efficiency water heater as well as a central heating boiler. As the tap is turned on, the combi boilers start heating the water directly from the main source. They are considered safe, have small sizes and are very energy efficient.

  1. System Boilers

System boilers have a cylinder for water storage. But the heating and hot water systems are integrated into the main system. The home owners can also use these boilers with solar energy. They are also compact in size, energy efficient and user-friendly as well.

  1. Regular Boilers

They are also called traditional/conventional or heat only boilers. It also needs a cylinder and cold water tank. Experts say they are better suited to the houses with an already heating or hot water system. They are quite popular and have become a trend.