Buying True Left Handed Hair Scissors

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A Guide To Finding The Right Left-Handed Hair Scissors For You

An estimated 10% of all people on the planet are left-handed. While this may not be a significant problem in some careers, one particular issue that hairdressers who are left-handed often has to face comes into play when they try to find a great pair of hair scissors. Grabbing a regular scissor often brings about great discomfort, which could impair the hairdresser’s ability to show off their talent truly. 

Luckily, there are many brands out there that also cater to left-handed hairdressers. Whether looking at grabbing a pair of hair thining scissors from any other brand, when it comes to buying left-handed scissors, grabbing the first pair that pops up is almost never a good idea. In this post, we provided a guide on finding the right scissors for you if you are a left-handed hairdresser. 

The Issue With Normal Scissors For Left-Handed Hairdressers

Every hairdresser knows just how important it is to buy a great pair of scissors in order to make their life easier. Without the right pair at their disposal, cutting hair can become challenging. A right-handed hairdresser already finds it difficult in most cases to discover the most ideal pair of scissors that works for them. For a left-handed person, this entire process is often much more daunting. 

While it is possible for a person who is left-handed to use a normal pair of hair scissors, there is a couple of things that should be noted. The very first issue that comes up is the fact that these scissors tend to be exceptionally uncomfortable. 

Recent studies have shown that carpal tunnel syndrome is far more common among hairdressers – and one of the biggest factors that contribute to the condition is the use of an inappropriate pair of hair scissors. By using a “standard” pair of hair scissors, excess stress is placed on the wrists, hands, and even the elbow of a left-handed person. 

Apart from carpal tunnel syndrome, the use of regular hair scissors by a hairdresser who is left-handed could also increase the risk of further musculoskeletal issues. Studies have found that shoulder pain, hand pain, and back pain are all related symptoms often experienced by individuals in the hairdressing industry. 

Finding The Right Pair Of Scissors

While it is obvious that a left-handed pair of hair scissors is the answer here, there is one thing that a lot of these hairdressers tend to overlook. Picking up a random pair of hair scissors might make the experience a little more comfortable for the hairdresser, but without thorough research and taking a look at the various options that are available, the hairdresser will not realize just how comfortable a true pair of left-handed scissors can really be. 

The majority of hair scissors promoted for left-handed people today are simply a right-handed pair of scissors that have been flipped over. The finger rests have simply been switched, which allows the manufacturer to promote the scissor to left-handed hairdressers who are in need of a product that is appropriate for the. 

Unfortunately, this often still comes with the inconvenience of scissors that feel uncomfortable to work with. The risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and related factors are also not significantly reduced. 

A pair of hair scissors that have been specifically designed for a left-handed person will have the sharp side of the shear’s blade on the left side of the product. This is the case when the blades are held in a position where they point away from the hairdresser’s body. If this is not the case, and the sharp side is rather on the right side, then it means the scissors have simply been flipped over – converting a left-handed product to a right-handed item. 

Fortunately, hairdressers who do find that they have a particular brand that they like will often discover left-handed products from these brands. This is often the case with some of the more recognized companies that manufacturer hair scissors and shears. 


There are usually a variety of different products available that cater toward left-handed people as well, ensuring a hairdresser is not only able to get a standard pair of scissors that are suitable for them, but also additional items that they might need while providing their services to a client. 


A good brand that caters to a left-handed person would be able to offer them scissors and shears, along with double-sided thinners, regular thinners, texturizers, and even chunkers – all designed to perfectly fit into their left hand. 

Using Left-Handed Hair Scissors

Once the hairdresser gets their hands on the perfect pair of left-handed hair scissors, there is often a transition period if they have gotten used to using a standard pair of shears in the past. Fortunately, the transition period is usually relatively quick, but there is a couple of tips that can be used to make the process smoother. 

It is important that the hairdresser ensures only their thumb is used when opening and closing the shears. Moving other fingers around could lead to a cut. The thumb will also help to keep the two blades together. By switching out to this type of scissors, a person is able to provide a significant reduction in the amount of strain that is placed on their wrists and hands, as well as their elbows, shoulders, neck, and even their back. 


Hairdressers who are left-handed often find it difficult to get their hands on a good pair of scissors that are comfortable and allows them to do their job without any issues. Fortunately, with some research and by knowing what to look for, you can get a great pair of scissors that are perfect for a left-handed person. We provided a quick guide on some important factors to look for when you want to buy a pair of left-handed hair scissors.