Choose the Perfect Location When Buying a Family Home

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Finding the ideal family home can seem like an impossible job. There are so many different issues to take into account that you might not know where to start on it all.

Well, it is a good idea to get going by looking at the right location to buy in. Take into account the following points to work out where you and your loved ones would be best living. It is advisable seek independent mortgage advice when looking to buy a home. Mortgage advisors can advise on property value based on location and other factors as well as ensuring you get the best value for money.

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How Close Are the Schools and Other Amenities?

Possibly the most important point for many parents is the distance from their door to their kids’ school. A long walk each day will eat up a lot of their time and can also put their health or safety at risk in some cases.

Figures from the 2014 National Travel Survey showed that 46% of schoolchildren between five and ten walked to school each day. The average walk for primary school students was 13 minutes, while in secondary this increased to 25 minutes. Remember that the UK Government publishes guidelines on when children can get free school transport. For example, under eights get this service if they live at least two miles away from their school. Students that are between eight and 16 qualify if the distance is a minimum of three miles.

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Is It Good Value?

Every family wants to find a place to live in a safe neighbourhood. Ideally, you will be able to comfortably afford the mortgage payments and still have enough left over each month for any other bills that might crop up.

Check how much you can borrow to buy a home first of all by researching online. You might want to use a site like Trussle where you can compare mortgage deals from home. Fill in your unique profile in about 20 minutes or so to receive your personalised advice.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to the exact area you want to look in then try researching elsewhere. There are some terrific regeneration sites dotted across the UK where prices are often low and there is also the potential for your home to grow in value.

Do You Have Friends and Family Nearby?

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It can be exciting to move far from home, to somewhere you can make a fresh start and find new friends. However, when you have a young family, it is also worth considering the benefits of living close to your close family and established friends.

In an American study, 57% of people who were surveyed said that a 15 to 45-minute drive from their parents and in-laws is ideal. Yet, 38% of them said that living within five minutes of their close relatives was too stressful.

Having someone close that you can rely upon gives you the chance to look for help when you need it and also means you’re able to share the joy of seeing your kids grow up. It is up to each family to work out exactly how close is the right distance for them.

You can make a great choice of location for you and your family if you consider these important points and anything else that really matters to you.