Christmas Gifts For Teachers

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Christmas can be the best time of year for some people, but it isn’t without its stress. Especially if you are a parent. To top off buying gifts for your friends and family you need to consider your children’s friends and probably their teachers too. 

Now for most a simple christmas card will do but if you have had the experience of having a great teacher in the past you might want to treat them and show you appreciate their effort! So many times i have asked the question, “what gift should I get for a teacher at christmas?”

Luckily i have a few teachers in the family and got the insider information! Here is the best (and worst) christmas gifts you can get your kids favourite teachers!

Let’s start at the bottom – What Christmas Gifts that teachers don’t need.

Once you have been a teacher for 30 years you tend to stockpile a few things. The first – Mugs – teachers get 1 every year and in all honesty, no one needs that many! 

The second – Christmas ornaments – Unless you know what they like, what type of decorations they already have so you can match that style or know them personally then there is no way you will get something they will hang on their tree. 

Going Practical

Sometimes the novelty of chocolates wears off, especially if you are like my family teachers who love to keep fit. The chocolates they get tend to get passed on to someone else or just kept until they have guests. Everyone knows that teachers are getting less and less money for classrooms and most teachers I know spend part of their wages on school supplies

  1. Teacher Stamps – Whether its for marking papers or signing letters, stamps can be a teachers best friend and a timesaver.
  1. Markers/Sharpies – Highlighters, markers, sharpies… you name it and teachers need it. Again these help with marking and sometimes these kinds of things are given out as prizes for little quizzes or used in different exercises.
  1. Pencils/pens – Sometimes students forget things. Sometimes students haven’t gotten any for the start of the year for one reason or another. A teacher’s stock of pencils can never be too big and being a part of that is a really nice idea!

Practical… Just not in the classroom

  1. Nice hand soap – Nice smelling hand soap is a great gift and super useful. If your teacher is a guy this might not be the most appropriate gift. Although you may or may not be surprised how many men wouldn’t buy it for themselves but still really enjoy it. Here is my post about mens gift ideas
  1. A gift card – If all else fails and you really don’t know what to get. An amazon voucher is a safe bet.
  1. Socks, gloves, a hat or even a scarf – It is that time of year after all and no one likes buying themselves boring but useful items. Fancy socks, bright gloves or a teacher themed scarf are all great ideas for a fun christmas gift for a teacher.

There you have it, 6 practical but great christmas gifts for teachers!

No teacher ever expects a gift a christmas and making them a nice card showing some appreciation for their hard work goes a long way! In fact, some might appreciate the time and effort more than if you bought them a gift. So a homemade card might even be the best option!

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