Client Gifts: The Influencer Way

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If you’ve been an influencer for a little while, you have probably collected all sorts of branded swag from clients, fellow bloggers, and other work acquaintances—and the chances are that most of those branded gifts are now gathering dust somewhere in the deep recesses of your home if they haven’t already found their way to your local thrift store. The reality is that when you work in a people-powered industry, you need to find ways to make clients—actual and potential—and any other business contacts remember you, and most influencers know that a branded T-shirt is not the way to do it. Being an influencer is all about forging genuine relationships with companies whose products, mission, and ethos fit in well with your personal brand, so different branded gifts will work for different influencers and clients depending on the influencer’s brand, the client’s brand, and the interaction between the two. Here are some unusual client gift ideas:


For stationery lovers and serious organizers: customized Moleskine PRO notebook


Most of us will know at least a few people who just have to use pen and paper when they are planning their busy schedule, whether because they think better that way or because they simply love the physical act of writing. Moleskine notebooks have been a staple of many stationery lovers’ collections for a long time, and the renowned company’s PRO Notebook offers various types of structured pages to allow for planning projects and travel, making lists, and so on. These luscious leather-backed notebooks are customizable with your own message on the cover, and you can add a symbol from a list of over thirty. Since you cannot upload your own logo, this client gift is best for low-brand, understated influencers.


For your coffee-fueled, always-on-the-go clients: branded coffee bags


Coffee is what most highly productive, busy professionals subsist on, so you are very unlikely to go wrong if you choose bags of coffee as a client gift. Most coffee companies that offer customization options limit it to a personalized note to be included with the product, but Nate’s Coffee goes further than this and allows you to place your logo right on the bag, meaning that the recipient will be reminded of you and your brand every time they make themselves a cup of coffee—and will be grateful for the very welcome gift, no doubt!


For when you need to keep a client sweet: branded chocolate boxes


If coffee is what keeps most of us going throughout the workday, chocolate is what most of us turn to when we need a pick-me-up or when we have something to celebrate. Whether you are wanting to mark the start of a new working relationship or to re-invigorate a flagging one, these customized chocolate boxes from Dallmann Confections will do the trick. You can place your logo both on the box and on the chocolates themselves for maximum brand promotion!


For when only the swankiest gift will do: a custom-engraved whisky bottle

Surprise your extra-special clients by engraving a personalized message on a whisky bottle from Reserve Bar—you are sure to make your mark in their memory!