Combating the Useless Content Revolution

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It was quite a while I ago (more than three years ago) when I came across one of those sets of stats which should probably not bother me on a personal level, but bother me nevertheless. I was merely doing some research about what I thought was the rather useless obsession with something like a tablet PC, in the form of an iPad to be more specific. I really just couldn’t wrap my head around any legitimacy of the reasons anyone would want to own a tablet PC, especially if you already have a laptop and a smartphone as well.

What bothered me though were the stats around all the data generated by users of platforms such as Apple’s iCloud, with the most popular use thereof marketed as that of uploading the great pictures users take with what is supposedly one of the best mobile phone cameras around! “You can instantly back-up all your pictures automatically,” is what I paraphrase to have seen with regards to this. The numbers around the dynamically growing total storage size of the data associated with our mere selfies were mind-blowing then, so one can only imagine how they must be at this particular point in time.

I might have been guilty of it too, but I reckon I’m doing my bit to combat what appears to be a useless content revolution. I’ve met countless people who are in on the useless data generation revolution too, such as one friend (I love her to bits) who is fast running out of space on all her hard-drives she owns which form part of some kind of data storage medium attached to her devices, as well as all her cloud storage platforms! She has already even upgraded many of the free cloud storage platforms we perhaps all have an account with, such as her Dropbox and Google Drive…

Even for someone who is a blogger, vlogger or even a photographer, having 2 million+ photos of yourself with a few of those being photos of other people and objects is way too much. When are you even going to go back and just view all those pictures, just to look back at the memories captured?

The generation of useless content can best be combated by taking a leaf out of the books of content creators who actually make money out of the content they generate, such as how a blogger whose focus is on online gambling might have a go here while using some screen recorder software to capture a video of their betting strategies in action and hopefully to capture some winnings too, as they unfold. Any such content which is not used shortly after it has been created and stored, to be presented in a manner which offers value to other users of the internet, is duly discarded.

The same should be done with the torrents upon torrents of useless selfies which ultimately just have us clinging on to memories of times gone by when we should be doing everything to enjoy our lives as they unfold in front of us.