Common Health Issues Every Woman Should Know

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No human can escape any illness whether you are a man or a woman—both men and women can have various conditions. However, there would always be an exemption due to one’s gender because of genetics and hormones.

Due to this, there are certain health conditions that only women can have, which is in need to be tackled about. In this article, the common health issues that women may or may not face will be discussed thoroughly. So, buckle up and read ahead to know more information about these health issues women are facing.

Maternal Health

The obvious complication for women: pregnancy. Did you know that about 830 women die from pregnancy or childbirth-related complications across the globe every day? The maternal mortality rate is unacceptably high. Not only that, but pregnancy makes a woman vulnerable to certain health conditions such as anemia, high blood pressure, and depression.

This is why when a woman is in her pregnancy stage, one should take utmost care of her and make sure that she is monitored by a doctor and the people that take care of her.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women rather than breast cancer. Quite surprising, right? This disease kills six times as many women every year rather than the commonly known woman killing the disease, breast cancer.

This is mainly because women tend to be underdiagnosed, which is often to the point that it is too late to help them once the condition is discovered, thus one of the factors why it is one of the causes of death in women.  The other factors are high blood pressure and high cholesterol which contributes to heart disease that 49 percent of women suffers in the United States.

Breast Cancer

This type of cancer is the most aggressive that affects the global female population. This typically forms in the lining of the milk ducts which can spread to other organs and may develop breast lumps. However, most breast lumps are non-threatening but you should go for a check-up just in case.

Breast cancer is common cancer in women which is second to lung cancer. Medical practitioners say that the fear of breast cancer may sometimes be exaggerated which stops women from going to their doctors for check-ups or making them make rash decisions about certain treatments out of fear when in fact it may not be necessary.

Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

Many are not aware of the difference between ovarian and cervical cancer. In cervical cancer, it starts at the lower uterus, while ovarian cancer starts in the fallopian tube. While both cause similar pain, another of their difference is that cervical cancer causes discharge and pain during intercourse.

Additionally, ovarian cancer has extremely vague symptoms and the condition been very complex. It cannot also be detected by Pap smears; however cervical cancer can be detected by this treatment.

Gynecological Health

Since women experience menstrual cycle, bleeding and discharge are normal. However, if there are added symptoms during this period then it may indicate health issues. Added symptoms which are unusual may be bleeding between menstruation and frequent urinating can indicate other health conditions.


Osteoporosis affects 44 million Americans, in which 68 percent of it are women, reported by the National Osteoporosis Foundation. So why are women prone to this disease? It is mainly because women tend to have smaller and thinner bones than men. Additionally, the hormone which protects the bones in women—the estrogen— decreases sharply when women reach menopause increasing the chance of developing osteoporosis.

Depression and Anxiety

Hormonal fluctuations can lead to depression and anxiety such as PMS or premenstrual syndrome which commonly occurs among women. Another type of mental illness which presents similar as the PMS is the premenstrual dysmorphic disorder or the PMDD that has greatly intensified symptoms.

Additionally, depression and anxiety can be developed shortly after birth and it is called “baby blues” wherein perinatal depression causes similar yet much stronger concerns such as sadness, tiredness, and emotional shifts. Another stage in a woman’s life that can cause this mental illness is the shift into the menopausal stage which can cause depression for a woman.


Women face different difficulties in regards to one’s body and health which is why one should take good care of one’s body by having a healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups with the doctor. Also, a woman should also be fully informed or at least have knowledge in regards to these certain health issues, so that you won’t needlessly worry over things that are not necessary.

Additionally, since treatments for various sickness or illnesses may be expensive, there are women health drug coupons out there that would surely be of help for your budget.