Considerations for Setting Up a Business Around Your Family

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Having a family is a wonderful stage within your life, the joy you get from watching your children learn and grow cannot be matched. However, there are naturally times when you want to do things for yourself. A bit of time for yourself, doing the things you enjoy, and possibly even earning a bit of money may be what you are craving. So, you have already ruled out working for someone else as this is too restrictive, and now you are looking at starting a business. Running a business may be something that you have wanted to do for a while, perhaps even before having children, but how much have you through the decision. What things have you perhaps overlooked or glazed over? Being realistic about setting up and running a business in the early stages will ensure that you cover all bases and that you prepare yourself for what potentially lies ahead.

What Would You Like to Offer?

So, firstly what would you like to do in business? Would you like to offer a service, or would you like to sell a product? Even if it is only rough at this stage of the process, getting an idea will help you see if what you want to do is worthwhile. Establishing what you want to do early in this process is vital as it provides you with a vision for the journey that lies ahead.

Working From Home

Perhaps you love the idea of working from home when the kids are asleep or before they wake up, but realistically how achievable will this be. Children can be really noisy, especially when they are demanding your attention, so think about how you would cope with sales calls and customer care with screaming children in the background. Would working from home work for you, and would it be viable?

Do You Need Premises?

If you have ruled out working from home, will you need premises to set up and your business from, and if so, what type of premises would you be looking for. Are you looking for a lock-up and leave premises, or are you looking for a warehouse or somewhere that customers can visit? The type of premises you go for is important to your business image and your budget. You also need to think about premises security. If you are storing goods, do you want to use an entry and security method such as an Access Card Reader, which could be a keypad or request to exit, or would you be OK just having a lock on the door. Security is paramount, as the last thing you want when setting up a business is to be dealing with losses.

How Much Time Can You Give and Child care?

When you are a parent, your time is already stretched, so ask yourself if you can stretch any further. What else can you comfortably fit into the day. You need to give time and make time when setting up a business and is this something that you can by perhaps looking at childcare options. If you are a single parent, can you find any more time in your day to pursue your dreams and ambitions.

Weighing up your options and choices is important, setting up a business may be the right thing for you to do at this moment in time as it will give you that bit of independence and time for yourself, it can help you get back your sense of identity.