I couldn’t imagine life without this website anymore, simply because it has changed my life for the better in so many different ways. Before, I was utterly immersed in motherhood, enjoyed it immensely but somehow lacked a creative outlet and mental stimulation.

When Brian suggested creating a blog, I didn’t expect to get to know so many different people because of if. Well, I now have met tonnes of people and many have become friends. When you are a stay-at-home parent, having a chat with others and discussing various topics on parenting provide incredible strength. Beyond that, talking to other stay-at-home parents about issues unrelated just opens up your world again.

I have been very privileged to hear from all sorts of people and receive guest post enquiries, discussions and about all sorts of issues. If you would like to contact me about writing for us or anything, please fill in the form below.

You can contact me about anything really, but here is a list of the things I can help you with, as well as some items you would help me with:

  • Parenting Exchange: I’m no parenting expert, however, I have learned quite a few important lessons over the years. If you are looking for advice or tips on how to handle your little monsters, please get in touch and I will tell you all I know. In the past, I have put enquirers in touch with a variety of experts if I wasn’t in a position to help. This is not a one-way street and I would urge anyone with expertise in parenting to share it with me. I will definitely publicise your information on my website. My readers will appreciate it.
  • Start a Discussion: One of the things I have enjoyed most are the discussions that have been initiated through enquiries. Someone would contact me with a parenting question and rather than simply reply, I would put a call out to all my readers and start a discussion. This has been extremely interesting and has illustrated just how many different viable approaches to parenting there are. We have lots of fun and thought-provoking exchanges in the course of theses discussions.
  • Tell Me About Your Product or Service: I like to support good businesses, services and products. If your business caters to families and kids, please let me know and I will promote your products or services to my many readers. If you would like to write for us or submit a guest post then get in touch! Or you can visit our write for us page for more info.
  • Family Events and Things to Do: Parents are always on the look-out for fun events or activities. Please let us know about yours and I will put it on my website calendar regardless of where in the world you are located.
  • Anything But Parenting: When you are a stay-at-home parent, sometimes you just feel like having a moan or thinking about something completely different – just to keep your sanity. You must get in touch if that’s how you are feeling. I will understand, I have been there!

Getting in Touch is Easy and I Will Reply Quickly

You can contact me by filling in the contact form below. I love waking up to a full inbox and always reply to emails first thing in the morning. The responses are never automated, as I am always keen to read each and every email straight away.

This website is very much a gathering place for mums, dads, grannies, granddads and kids and I would hope to hear from you in the near future too. You never know, you might just make a lot of new friends, teach something and learn something too!