Controlling Pests Around Your Home

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You always want your family feeling comfortable, secure and clean in their home environment, but one spoiler for this intent is if any kinds of pests are invading your turf. And depending on where you live, there are an infinite number of ways to deal with an infinite number of creepy critters. However, there are five that can be particularly normal to have to deal with.

These include moths, fleas, hornets and wasps, ants, and house flies. Typically, there are going to be two major pathways to handle these pests, split between the ideas of DIY methods, and methods that are more commercial or chemical in nature. It’s not a bad idea to know in advance how you’d handle each of these situations.


For better or worse, moths are just kind of gross if they end up invading your home. They’re distracting, and can make a home feel like it’s unclean. And really, the best trick to getting rid of moths is to do a thorough cleaning of all the spaces where they may have ended up. And because there are several stages in the moth lifecycle, you really need to look for and clean all of your areas at the same time (there are eggs and larva hiding in your home, oh yes there are).


If you have cats or dogs, then you know that fleas can be a problem. Not only do they irritate your animals, but they can also get into your clothes, in you bedsheets, or near your food supplies. The quickest flea treatments are going to be the ones prescribed by veterinarians, but there are some DIY treatments that are known to work quite well, though they might take a little bit more time.

Hornets and Wasps

If you or anyone in your family has an allergy to bee stings, then you know for real that you want to do everything you can to keep all of them out of your house, and if possible, even away from your yard. That means finding hornet nests and getting rid of them, and also making sure that your screens on your home are all in good shape.


Having ants crawl around the food in your kitchen or around your pet’s food is really annoying as well, so if you see lines of those crawlers going into and out of your house, there are a number of ways to control them as well. There are plenty of ant killer solutions that you can find at your local grocery or hardware stores, but be sure to keep any kind of poisons away from kids or animals.

House Flies

Though it can be fun to occasionally bust out the fly swatter and go hunting for house flies to kill, they can get annoying fast, especially around meal times. Flies usually get in around windows and then stay if they find food or water to hang around, so getting rid of those possibilities will solve your problem.